From Rags to Bliss

Joe Jackson makes do with what he has.

Joe Jackson, also known as Shoeless Joe, after hours of hard work and practice, accomplished miracles on the field. He grew up poor and had no advantages. Even in his early years in the MLB he didnt do anything big, Yet six years of refining his skills through batting practice, he led the American League in number of hits with a total of 197 hits in 1913.

Instead of wasting his wealth and being flashy for the cameras, he chose to be humble about it. Sure he had everything he wanted: a couple of cars, kids, a loving wife, and a nice house. But these are just basics, a foundation for a good life. He lived his life just like he played his game. He didn't have the best bat or nicest cleats but with what he did have, he managed to make the best out of it. Looking back on it now he teaches us to make do with what we have and still feel worthy of achievement, even if you are poor.