Public Forum Tonight

High School Start Times

You are invited to share your voice.


A message from our School Committee:

From 7:30 - 8:30 we will be seeking feedback on a proposal to begin the school day at the high school level later. As many are aware it had been our goal to try and combine middle school and high school bus runs this year in order to change the start of the school day to start later at the high school. Unfortunately we were unable to do that and meet our goal of reducing transportation costs. However, a number of parents have provided us with feedback that they believed we should continue to look at the possibility to start the high school school day later. While the average start time for secondary schools across the country is 8:03 am, 53% of students in Massachusetts start before that start time. Last year all of the schools in the Middlesex League agreed to move start time for high school to between 8:00 - 8:30. A number of other districts across the state are examining whether to change the start time of their high schools. Some information on what other school districts are doing can be found at : At this forum we will share data as to the estimate of the cost of moving the start of the high school school day as it relates to transportation costs.

Wednesday, Nov. 28th, 7:30pm

703 Chicopee Row

Groton, MA