Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

by Uriel Acosta-Cruz

Summary and Plot

On a normal day Mr. Utterson and his companion go on a walk and Utterson is told about a time when Enfield witness an awful view. Enfield recalls seeing a man run into a girl and then walk over her without helping her. The people around then shouted at the man in anger. The man then identified as Mr.Hyde goes through a door in the street and returns with a check from Dr.Jekyll, a man who respected by many.

Later it is reveled that Utterson is Dr.Jekyll's lawyer and that he has written a will stating that if he dies or goes missing, he will transfer all of his belongings to Mr.Hyde. Therefore Utterson decides to visit an old friend named Lanyon who tells Utterson that he barely sees him anymore. Utterson finds Hyde in a lab that is attached to Jekylls house and confronts him about Jekyll. Hyde tells Utterson where Jekyll is however when Utterson talks to Jekyll he tells Utterson to not worry about Hyde.

A year passes by and a servant girl witnesses a terrible crime. From outside her window she see a man easily identified as Hyde beating an old man named Sir Danvers Carew. The police contact Utterson asking if he knew who could have committed the crime. His only guess is Hyde which leads police to go find him at his apartment. When they get there Hyde is not home. The police search his home but find noting. Utterson returns to Jekyll to ask him about Hyde's whereabouts unfortunately Jekyll states that he ended all his relations with Hyde. Months past and Jekyll begins to act social again but then he suddenly refuses to see any visitors. Shortly after Jekyll's sudden mood change, Lanyon dies from a shock created by something Jekyll did. Later Mr.Poole visits Utterson asking for desperate help. He tells Utterson Dr.Jekyll locked himself in his lab for weeks and that the voice coming from the room is not the same as Jekyll's. Utterson agrees to go check and leaves. When they get to Jekyll's home, they find Jekyll's servants huddled together. Poole and Utterson argue for a moment about what to do. In the end they decide to break in to see if what they believe is true. When they break in they find Hyde dead inside wearing Jekyll's clothes. Near the body the find a letter written by Jekyll to Utterson stating that once read everything will be explained. When Utterson reads the letter it describes how Lanyon's death was caused by seeing Jekyll transform into Hyde. Apprently Jekyll had been taking a potion that turn him into Hyde helping him escape to a different world where he didn't have to act so innocent. In the letter Jekyll confessed to killing Carew. Jekyll ends the letter by saying that when the letter end so does his life along with the book.


Story was really interesting and keeps a reader wanting to read. Trying to figure out what Hyde is up to while Utterson tries to put everything together makes the story even better. The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde is a real attention grabber and a must read for anyone who likes twist and turns in a book.



  • Robert Stevenson, the author, wrote the book as a teenager.
  • it is rumored that that Stevenson burn the first draft of the story.
  • Over 250,000 copes were sold by 1901.

The End