Where I Stand

My concerns about Markham

Parking Control

The municipal government should pay more attention to Handicap parking spaces. They should pay attention because some people who aren't handicap use those permits for their own benefit. This is a problem because the permits are made to benefit handicap people, people who aren't handicap shouldn't have this ability.
People who aren't handicap shouldn't use the handicap permits just to make their own lives easier when there are handicap people who needs the handicap spot.


Sometimes I see people throw garbage in the wrong bin, cause they don't care or they don't know which bin to throw the garbage in. The municipal government should increase the recycling awareness, because there is too much waste. If this works it would help the environment and decrease the amount of waste and waste management.

Building Permits

I understand why people need building permits to build large building, parks, etc. but I don't think you have to have building permits to build something like a shed in your backyard. I believe this because its not a big project and I don't think its a big deal to build something as small like a shed without a permit.