Mavericks Team Update

November 17, 2015

Mid-Quarter Reports will be sent home with your child tomorrow during 6th hour.

Class Information

Math- Today students will continue to practice rotations on a coordinate plane! We will complete practice problems in class that will be due for a daily work grade at the end of the hour!

Math Announcements: Unit 3, Week 2 homework was given last Friday, November 13 and is due this Thursday, November 19 (because of the field trip on Friday). Last week students translated and reflected figures on coordinate planes. This week students will work on rotations of figures on a coordinate plane and complete a quiz on Thursday.

Science- This week in science, students will be working on a new geologic time project. Students will be creating a travel agency advertising a trip back in time to a period they choose. They will have to advertise this this trip with a brochure and commercial. The brochure will have to appeal to the traveler with reasons why they would want to travel to this time period and will include: what to pack (based on the climate at the time), safety hazards (watch out, there’s dinosaurs!), a map and description of the land features at that time, where the traveler will stay, what they will eat, what they should bring for survival, and what they might encounter while they are there. The commercial will be 1 minute long, advertising the trip back in time. Students will present their commercials to the class and will vote on which trip they would most like to take.

Social Studies- Today students are studying Article 2 and the rest of the Articles of the Constitution.

English Language Arts -Today students are taking notes over summarization of non-fiction and then practicing the strategy introduced using an article given to them. For tomorrow: We will begin a mini-project practicing summarizing and main idea. I have told students that they may bring in their own school-appropriate article either from a magazine or newspaper and if they want to bring their own coloring utensils (colored pencils, etc.) they may. I will have articles available, however, and coloring utensils if they do not bring any in.


Short Story Contest

There is a short story contest that many students are interested in. There is information in Mrs. Goodwin's room or here is the link:

This is a national competition, not a school-wide one.

Attendance Incentive

We will have an attendance incentive for the month of November for only our Mavericks students; students that meet the following requirements will be able to attend a "party" when we attend the field trip. The requirements are as follows (and begin Friday and end the day before the field trip)

  • Be in attendance each day
  • Accumulate no more than two tardies in their core classes

EDP Session 2: The link below is that of the EDP form for Session 2. When completing the form, please make sure you prioritize the choices (1st, 2nd, 3rd choice). A few new notes about EDP Session 2: 1) Students cannot stay the day the day that they turn in their form because the form needs to be processed. They may stay the day after they turn in the form. 2) The following clubs are now closed (students cannot be added into these clubs anymore): Yoga, computer games, Fit club Thursday, Hip Hop Dance.

2nd Qtr Progress Reports Go Home

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 8am

4700 Northeast Parvin Road

Kansas City, MO

Career Fair Field Trip

Friday, Nov. 20th, 8:30-9:15am

1775 Universal Avenue

Kansas City, MO

Permission slips are being handed out on 11/5/15 in homeroom and are due on 11/13/15.

Here is the permission slip and information about the trip:

No school

Wednesday, Nov. 25th, 8am to Friday, Nov. 27th, 3pm

4700 Northeast Parvin Road

Kansas City, MO

Contact Information

Emily Boyd, Math

(816) 321-4204

Jessica Nolin, Science

(816) 321-5829

Troy Seiloff, Social Studies

(816) 321-6137

Leslie Goodwin, English Language Arts

(816) 321-4691

Additional Resources and Links

E-Campus (Blackboard)

I-Ready The I-Ready program provides students with lessons and assessments to strengthen their knowledge Math and ELA concepts. The Math and ELA teachers use this program in class frequently, and will use the students' scores on the assessments that follow the lessons in their grade books. We strongly encourage students working on lessons at home if possible. The student username is the student's ID (, for example) and the password is the student's birthdate (MMDDYYYY).

PowerSchool Be sure to sign up for a Parent Portal account! From this account you can view student's grades and attendance. Don't have a parent portal account?

Scholastic Scholastic Reading Clubs allow parents and students to order book and other items at an affordable price. If you use Mrs. Goodwin's classroom code, N8ZDY , when you check out, you earn free books for the ELA classroom! Want to write a check? That's fine! Simply write the check to Scholastic and turn it into Mrs. Goodwin. Monthly paper catalogues are available in Mrs. Goodwin's room as well.

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