Competition Cheerleading

Chloe Ramsell


You do many different things in cheerleading. You stunt, jump, and tumble. Stunting is when you hold a girl up or you are held up by another girl. Tumbling is when you go upside down for a short amount of time and land standing. Jumping is when you jump off the ground, hit a certain position in the air, then land with your feet together. You learn to do all this on a certain count with music playing. This is what competition cheerleading is.

Order and Sequence

How to Build a Prep

Building a prep is simple. First, the bases squat, put their hands together so their pinkies are touching, cup their hands and put them level to their belly botton. Next, the flyers put their hands on the bases shoulders and jump into the bases hands. Then, the bases push up their hands, with the flyers in them, so their hands and the flyers feet are even with the bases chin. After, the flyers hit a high V and your prep is built.

Prep Picture

Compare and Contrast

Cheerleading and gymnastics are similar and different. In gymnastics, there are 4 different events, whereas in cheerleading there is only one event. In both sports, you tumble and jump. Also, in both activites you do a routine on the same type of floor. In cheerleading you stunt, but in gymnastics you tumble on a beam, swing on a bar, and tumble on a vault. Cheerleading and gymnastics are different, but they have some similarities, too.

Cause and Effect

Sometimes the pyramid falls and when the pyramid falls you get a bad score and someone could get hurt. Most of the time it's because the flyers hold on to each other. When you are holding on to another flyer and the flyer falls, they pull down the person they are holding on to. You can provent this by touching but keeping your hands flat.