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An 8th Grade Newsletter. Edition 5



Sorry folks!

The three day weekend threw me off by a day. Please ask your student for their Thursday folder tomorrow afternoon!

-Mrs. Daley

Parent Teacher Conferences Are Almost Upon Us!

Hello All!

Can you feel the excitement in the air? Yes, the rumors are true, Day Creek Intermediate School is holding parent-teacher conferences after the 6th week of school this year. Parent Conferences will take place during the week of September 27 - October 1, 2021.

These conferences are a chance for teachers to share strategies for success with parents of students who may be struggling with the eighth-grade curriculum. If your student is receiving A’s and B’s in their core classes, then a conference is NOT REQUESTED at this time. Our time is limited so these conference times are primarily for students who are currently struggling in their CORE classes.

We are excited to share the "I-Pod" way to hold conferences, which features a student-led conference format.

Available conference times on SIGN UP GENIUS -

If you need to meet with us please choose a 15 minute conference time and make sure you note your child's name.

If you are having difficulty with the sign-up site, please feel free to contact either Mrs. Kaneshina or Mrs. Daley for help.

Message from Our Librarian

Our school is selling SCRIP gift cards! You simply buy gift cards to purchase items that you would have bought anyway and the profits go to our school libraries. The gift cards can be purchased directly from the Office from our on hand supply or can be ordered through the IMC using order forms. The turnaround is just a few days. Let's say that each student's family purchased $100 of Stater Bros. Scrip, (for example), and during the course of the year, our school library would receive 5% of that total sale...or approximately $6,000! I realize that not every student's family will be participating, but you can see how quickly our profits would add up when we have more people participating. Scrip does not cost one penny more than the face value of the gift cards, and a percentage of every gift card is immediately credited to our school's library account. It's a win-win situation!

How to Help Your Child Succeed at School - Part 4 - by Jessica Lahey from The New York Times

Encourage Good Study Habits

  • Ensure quiet time in your home. Multi-tasking is a myth, especially for kids. Shut off the TV, and if they like to play music, studies show that music with lyrics undermines concentration and productivity.
  • Ask your kids what their perfect homework routine might look like.Help them create that vision. Some kids might want a break after school to blow off pent-up energy, others may want to get the homework done first so they can get on to free play. Let them choose the space, too. Just because you envisioned a central study location in your home when you designed it does not mean it’s going to be their preferred spot.
  • Limit phones during homework time. Phones are a distraction when they are in the room, even when they are turned off, one study shows. If they are a distraction for adults, with their fully mature executive function skills, they are even more distracting for kids, whose frontal lobes (and the executive function skills that originate there) won’t be fully mature until their mid-20s.

Model: Let kids see you working distraction-free, in an environment that promotes focus. As ever, kids do what we do, not what we say. Work on your projects the way you’d like to see them doing their work.

Plan for Technology Use

Have a plan in place for family tech usage. This can be around minutes, data or context. If you want family dinners and homework to be tech-free zones, agree to that ahead of time. Then sign a tech contract. Some kids respond to the clarity of a signed contract you can point to for reference. Here are some contracts I love, from Juliana Miner, author of “Raising a Screen Smart Kid” and Devorah Heitner, author of “Screenwise.”

Model: When I ask kids what they’d most like me to convey to their parents at my speaking events, one of comments I hear most often is something like: “If you want us to turn our phones off, or spend less time texting with our friends, then parents should do the same.” When we ask kids to make sacrifices we are not willing to make ourselves, they see us.

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Important Items to Remember:

Monday 9/13 - Staff Development Day - Non Student Day - No School

Monday 9/20 - Minimum Day All sites

Monday 9/27 - Friday 10/1 - Parent Conferences Minimum Days All Week