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May 2016 Newsletter


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Bear Paw Festival

The Bear Paw Parade is July 9th, and we will have a float!

We would love to see you there. Please come down to

support us and enjoy all of the fun festivities in Eagle River!


Alaska, speak up on disability issues!

Community Forum hosted by the Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education on May 5th from 4:30PM-5:30PM. This forum will be held at 3601 C Street, Anchorage, Rooms 890, 896. The primary focus of this forum will be the 5 Year State Plan.

To participate by phone call 1-866-356-1755 and enter code 325 848 2953#.


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May 14th in Fairbanks is the 8th Annual AK Walk/Run for Autism. For more information follow this link: http://www.asagoldenheart.org/alaska-walk-for-autism


Invitation to join SPARK

You’ve been invited by OHSU and the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education to register with SPARK, a large, online research partnership that seeks to improve the lives of people with autism through research. You can register online at http://SPARKforAutism.org/ohsu. OHSU is one of a network of clinical sites—autism centers and research institutions—that SPARK has partnered with across the country.

The goal of SPARK is to accelerate autism research in order to gain a better understanding of causes and treatments for autism. By building a community of tens of thousands of individuals with autism and their biological family members who provide behavioral and genetic data, SPARK will be the largest autism research study to date.


By joining SPARK, you will be making invaluable contributions to advancing the understanding of autism.

To register for SPARK go to www.ohsu.edu/spark

Registration takes about 20-30 minutes, and we’d love to have you on board. As part of your participation in SPARK, we ask that you register and complete a few questionnaires online, and provide a saliva sample using a saliva collection kit that will be shipped directly to your home. Find out more about what’s involved on our SPARK FAQ page.

Together, we can improve lives by helping to accelerate research. SPARK sincerely appreciates your time, effort and participation in this landmark research initiative, and we look forward to learning more together!



Phone: (503) 974-6478

Email: spark@ohsu.edu


We know how mysterious acronyms and abbreviations can be to families that are new to ABA (applied behavior analysis), so we are going to try to help you all decode our behavior lingo every month.

This month's definition is from Behaviorspeak: a Glossary of Terms in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Punishment: The contingency between a specific behavior and its consequence that will lead to a decrease in the future probability of the target behavior.


S.T.A.G.E.S. of Learning Center

S.T.A.G.E.S. of Learning Center (STAGES) is a private therapeutic school dedicated to improving the lives of its students through the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. We serve students aged between 3 and 21 years who demonstrate a wide range of needs in the areas academic, social, communication, and daily living skills. Our goal is to prepare our students for success and fulfillment both academically and socially so that they can have the smoothest transition into the mainstream world. We provide individualized, educational programs based on the principles and methods of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We seek to make it functional and socially significant for the student.