Google Drive: Sharing Documents

Unit: Google Apps - Lesson 5

Aim: Students will learn how to share files in Google Docs for collaboration and assignment submission.

Do Now: Sit down quietly and log into your computer. After you have logged in close your laptop lid and wait for instructions. (4 mins)


Collaboration: Working with each other to do a task and to achieve shared goals.

File Sharing: The practice of or ability to transmit files from one computer to another over a network or the Internet.

Google Drive and Docs - Sharing and Collaborating:

Google Drive makes sharing your files simple and easy. In addition, Google Docs allows multiple people to edit the same file, allowing for real time collaboration.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to share your files with different groups of people and how to use the various collaboration tools available in Google Docs.

(Refresher) Proper Filenames For Assignments:

When submitting assignments, your filename should look like this:

Class - Name - Assignment Title

Watch the video below to learn how to share your files in Google Drive:

Google Apps - Lesson 5 - Sharing

How do I share files in Google Drive?

Follow these steps to share a folder in Google Drive:

  1. In Google Drive locate the file you wish to share
  2. Click on the file and open it.
  3. Locate the Share button on the top right hand side.
  4. Click Share
  5. Under the area titled Invite People, type in the email addresses of the people you would like to share with.
  6. Click Share and Save.

Next Steps / Homework

Share a document with a partner. Once you have successfully shared the file have your partner open the document and enter some text. If you both have the same document open you should see each other typing. This is an example of collaborating on a document. You can use this method to work on group assignments.