Mt. Fuji Volcano

Mt.Fuji erupted over 200 years ago, soon it will erupt again


Mt. Fuji is located in Asia. Its in Japan near Shizuoka, Tokyo.
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Plate Tectonics

Mt. Fuji was formed by the Philippine and Eurasia plates. It was made by a convergent boundary. So Mt. Fuji formed when the plates push into each other and pushes the land up. This forms a mountain but then when lava pushes through a volcano is formed.
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Type of Volcano

Mt. Fuji is a Stratovoaclano. It has viscous lava in layers and volcanic ash. Mt. Fuji produces and Plianian eruption.
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Effects of the Volcanoe

Mt. Fuji is near a village and the people near it like it because its very beautiful to see but scary because an earthquake could trigger its eruption.
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History of Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji erupted 16 times. It last erupted on December 16, 1707. On its last eruption a earthquake occurred then two months later it erupted.
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Mount Fuji
MOUNT FUJI 4K - TimeLapse