Friesian Horse

The Graceful and Nimble Horse By: Tahirah Jones

Origin, Height, and Weight

Origin: Originated in Friesland, province of Netherlands (Holland)

Weight: 1,450 pounds, 425 more pounds than the average horse breed

Height:15.3 hands by the age of four, average is 15.2 - 16.0 hands


Can vary from very dark brown or black bay to true black but a studbook registered is black. Appear blackbay in sunlight.

Purpose of this breed

Fresian's can be versatile, can be used or riding for pleasure and competition, dressage, driving for pleasure and competition, or farm work. Not breed for jumping.

Additional Physical Characteristics

Impressive Black coat, White forehead star ,long thick mane and tail, usually wavy, feather like, long, silky hair on their legs, known for brisk, hot stepping trot, also willing, energetic, and gentle and docile.
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Important Information about Friesian Horses

Some companies strongly discourage cross breeding of other horses with friesians, most friesians are judged twice in their life for entry in The Foal Book and three years older again when they are older to enter the adult studbooks. When entered studbooks the best 25-30% are rewarded the "Star" status, can appear on the registration certificate.
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APA Citation

By matching the strengths and weaknesses of the mare and stallion, we can use the linear scores to choose the best match between sire and dam in order to continually improve the breed. (The linear score sheets issued by the FPS are, of course, in Dutch. For an English version of a linear scoring form, check here.), K. (n.d.). Frequently Asked Questions. Retrieved September 16, 2016, from