By: Curtis Price

ACDC's big story in 47 words

ACDC is aloud band that plays hardcore rock music. ACDC plays concerts gigs and goes on tour to all other different countries and states. they've been popular for 49 years now. there are a lot more interesting things about acdc in the story. Lets get to it.
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ACDC was a famous hardcore rock band because they proceeded from the start in Australia in 1973 and never gave.

Early Life/Origins

ACDC formed in 1973 in Australia. When they made there debut in 1973 they were rocking out have tons and tons of people coming to there gigs/concerts. Fun fact about ACDC everybody in that band was born about 10 years apart. Plus the lead singer was born in Dunstone, Gateshead.

Musical Accomplishments

ACDC did sell over 71 million albums in the USA alone. You gotta be pretty famous to do that. Thats how they became really really famous in the USA. They also made rock and roll hall of fame in 2003 of corse because if they had 71 million albums sold im pretty sure there going to be in the hall of fame. and with that much alubums sold they were had second best selling alubum


When they played in Oakland coliseum, CA in 1979 they figured out that was the last concert that the lead singer Bon Scott was going to play because he passed away shortly after that concert.

the death of Bon scott was horrible and some thought acdc was not going to still play but surprisingly acdc came out with new songs a the time. Of course they missed him but they new that that was there carrier.

then after bon scott's death they did a concert where they played 19 songs in one night. Thats insane and one of the songs in the concert was they shook me all night long song i guess that does kinda match up with the concert.

Then years and years after that just recently in 2015 they played therefirst concert without Malcolm young. They still did good but the fact about how they are leaving the band apart its braking the band apart.

Going on tour in Melbourne,Au

Even though these people are leaving the group they are still going on tours to different place around the world to play music so I guess if they want to keep going they are going to untill people stop listening to there music and stop going to there concert and gigs.