ES Newsletter

Andrea Torchin, ES Principal

March 6th, 2015

Dear ES Families:

Providing for your child’s safety when at school in our care is a major responsibility of our staff. As exemplified in yesterday's school evacuation, my teachers, staff and I are prepared to make prompt and responsible decisions in any situation that could threaten the safety of the students. I am proud of the way that teachers and support staff helped all students yesterday and ensured their safe arrival home in a prompt and orderly fashion. Our teachers and school counselors ensured that students' emotional needs were met during the evacuation by roaming and attending to students one on one.

During the school year your child has been trained in the necessary emergency procedures. He/she learns how to react, where to assemble, and what to expect in an emergency situation.

We are prepared to care for your student in emergency situations. If you are not able to reach the school, we will care for your student until you or a designated person arrives.

We appreciate all your support in yesterday's events particularly with our student dismissal procedures. We know that there were a few glitches to work on and we are committed to improving our procedures to ensure your child's safety and security at all times.

If you would like support for your child's emotional needs in lieu of yesterday's events, please feel free to contact your child's homeroom teacher, Mrs. Gaudiano, our ES Counselor ( or myself directly.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend!

Sincerely, Andrea Torchin

Helping Children Cope with Tragedy

Click on the link below to access a very interesting Report to Parents from
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We are so excited to announce that the Elementary and the Preschool have received Smartboards for some classrooms and locations. Teachers are currently being trained on their use. Students will begin to interact with the Smartboards soon to support their learning. Please see pictures below.

Dragon Festival -- Saturday, March 14th, 2015

The Dragon Festival is fast approaching!

On Saturday, March 14th, 2015 we will be open our doors to Balboa families and the greater community for a great day of food, fun, and family. This event allows our HS Clubs to fundraise for all the worthy causes, charities, and community service events that they sponsor. Come out and help make a difference!

The PTSO is also looking for willing parent volunteers to help us make this a great day for all! To sign up to volunteer for the Dragon Festival, please send an email to

There are lots of ways to help and support!

1. Sign up as a family for the Operation Smile Final Mile. All proceeds go to Operation Smile, one of our most successful High School Clubs.

2. Send in your donation for the Basket Raffle. Each grade level has been assigned a theme. Please send in a donation to be added to the basket. The grade level with the most donations, wins a pizza party!

3. Sign up to volunteer with PTSO. Your volunteer time is greatly appreciated. This time can be spent anytime from now until the day of the event. There are many things to help with behind the scenes as well. Contact the PTSO for more information at

4. Buy your tickets ahead of time. This is a great way to save time on the day of the Fair. No need to wait in line for tickets.

5. Send in a larger donation for the Raffle. If you or your organization is willing to donate larger items for our Raffle, please contact the PTSO directly.

This is a big event and we appreciate the PTSO and all the parent volunteers that make this day possible!

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Operation Smile Final Mile

Each year the PE department collaborates with our HS Club Operation in the Final Mile/Miles for Smiles Fundraiser.

The idea of the fundraiser is that you commit to running 10 miles. During the Dragon Festival the entire BA community runs the Final 10th Mile together. Our students are able to complete the first 9 miles at school through our PE activities.

Students will be receiving the sign up sheet through their homeroom teachers and through the PE department. In school, students will keep track of the miles they have run.

Please remember that all family members can sign up for this amazing cause. Keep track of the miles you run/walk at home and then come to the Dragon Festival to run/walk your Final Mile.

Thank you in advance for all your support. Each year this event has been very successful and we are proud to support such a meaningful cause.

Miles for Smiles!

Coach Nicole Stump

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After School Activities & Competitive Sports

A Note from our Athletic Department:

Students may not stay after school if they are not signed up for an after school activity or have a practice for a competitive sport. Students need to be supervised after school by a teacher or coach. Please support us in our efforts to keep students safe. If a student is found on campus, parents will be notified. Thanks in advance for discussing this with your child.

Preschool & Kinder:

Coach Acuña offers soccer training for preschool and Kinder students after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 12:30 pm. Parents need to provide their own transportation back home at 2 pm. To register, please call Coach Acuña at 6713-9950. Students need to bring water, a snack, hat, and sunblock.

For more information contact Jesus Borras, After School Activities Coordinator at or Richard Gough at for Competitive Sports.

After School Emergency Contact

Our individual school offices close at 4:00 p.m., which has caused a problem for parents who are trying to contact the school about after-school transportation issues later than that time. While we understand that traffic can cause delays in picking up children on time, it is very important that parents make arrangements to be on time for after-school activity pick up. In the case that there is a delay after 4:00 p.m., parents who are not able to contact their child directly by cell phone may also contact the Athletic Office 302-0037 or the Clyde Cumberbatch, our Athletic Director, at his cellular phone number 6781-1852.

ES Student Achievements

This section of the ES Newsletter is dedicated to highlighting student achievements outside of school. Please send any important student achievements to highlight in the newsletter to

Elementary Calendar of Events

Every Wednesday: PTSO Ice cream and Popcorn Sales! Send money in with your child.

Friday, March 13th - Tile Wall Unveiling - Paint a Tile, Leave a Legacy

Saturday, March 14th - Dragon Festival

Friday, March 20th - Color Team Day - Wear your color team t-shirt!

Friday, March 27th - Free Clothes Day - Bring $1.00 to support BOB!

March 30th - April 3rd - Spring Break - No School

Edline Help Desk

Edline is an online platform that helps us communicate in a more effective way with parents and students about many items of interest including homework, assessments, events, and curriculum. Each teacher has important information that will begin to be posted during the first few weeks of school. It is important that every parent from PK to 4th grade activate their Edline account if you did not do so last year. You will be receiving an activation code during the first week of school if you are a parent who did not activate their account last year or if you are new to Balboa Academy. If you do not have your activation code or are having trouble logging in to Edline, please communicate with Mrs. Gaby Gaudiano, ES counselor @ .