TV shows for kids!

the shows listed are appopiate

ok, some tv shows are not meant for kids, but the shows listed are! the shows are for 2nd grade+

spongebob squarepants on nickalodean

ok spongebob is the perfect show.It is super funny! he works at the krusty krab and is a dumb dumb! you will die laughing! spongebob is on nickaloaden

the amazing world of gumball on cartoon network

the amazing world of gumball is akward. he lives in elmore , and has a fish for a brother. I say this is secound

gravity falls on disney (not on junior)

gravity falls is two kids ,dipper and mabel, who are staying with their gruncle stan. This is a awesome show!!!!!!:)

best friends whenever disney (not junior)

best friends whenever is 2 friends given the power to time travel.