College Composition and Research

Portfolio: Rachel Nowland

North Central Missouri College Dual Credit

Self Reflective Essay

As part of my class through North Central Missouri College, I was required to write a self reflective essay to analyze my writing improvements throughout the semester.

For this assignment we had to take the first essay we wrote and go back through and fix all of the errors in it.

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Editorial Essay

The Editorial Essay consisted of choosing a specific topic and choosing a side to defend. We had to develop multiple reasons to back up our thesis and try to convince the reader to agree with our side of the argument.
Summary 1

For this assignment, we picked an article then made an I-chart. With the information from our chart we created a summary of the article. I chose to read "The Ugly Truth About Beauty."

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Summary Response Essay

This essay is the one where we summarized one of the articles, and got to respond to what the author said. This was our chance to say what we thought about the article.

Interview Essay

The interview essay was one of my favorites, we interviewed multiple people then chose who we wanted to write our essay on. Below are some pictures of Cole and Elizabeth.

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Argumentative Essay

For this essay we had to use argumentation strategies, including developing a particular assertion or claim, anticipating opposition, and countering opposition.

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