Theodore Roosevelt

by: Nicholas Adams

Before He Was President

Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27 1858 and he was born in new York city and his sister were Anna and Corinne and his brother was Elliot. his dad was Theodore and his mom was Martha and three important things are 1 A sickly kid Teedie had bad stomach and head pains and asthma 2 Teedie set up a home natural history museum.3 teedies great plans teedie also used his power to protect nature as president. And he set aside about 230 million across of land.
Teddy Roosevelt in the military.

During His Presidency

He was president for 8 years and his wife was Alice then she died children Ethel Kermit Archibald Quentin. And three important things 1.before he became president Roosevelt returned to new York in 1886 and got married soon after. 2.Then Roosevelt died January 6 1919 in oyser bay in new York.3. nicknames teddy tr trustbuster colonel.
Theodore Roosevelt