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September 25, 2021

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From the Principal

Hopefully this message finds you well and in good spirits. The first week of the 2nd Six Weeks had a lot of action, and the week was filled with instruction, report cards posting in Family Access, distribution of fair tickets, celebrations, and performances. The entire district participated in Gear Up and Go Get It Week. Awareness was brought to scholars regarding college, career, and military readiness. A special thank you to Counselor Johnson for coordinating this for our campus. We learned amazing things about our scholars and their future plans, and we hope to continue to add value to ensure they achieve their goals.

Each year, the International Day of Peace, declared by the United Nations General Assembly, is observed around the world on September 21. Montessori schools across the world sing "Light a Candle for Peace" by Shelley Murley. While our entire campus is not Montessori, we collectively gathered as a school to recognize the day with a special ceremony that featured the singing and signing of the song. A special thank you to the "Peace Team" who collaborated to bring the various components of the observation to life; members included Mrs. Hryekewicz, Ms. Peterbark, Mr. Gates, Mrs. Swartzwelder, and Mrs. Vega. Click on the link below to watch the video:

On Thursday, we hosted our Virtual Open House and Annual Title I Presentation. Families had a chance to receive information from the campus and participate in class/grade level sessions with teachers. Speaking of our Annual Title I presentation, if you were unable to attend on Thursday, please click on the following link to view the information, and sign the form (link or QR code) located on the last slide to acknowledge that you viewed the information.

We wrapped up our scheduled beginning of the year testing, and a HUGE thank you goes out to our scholars for focusing, teachers for monitoring, and Dr. Washington, Counselor Johnson, Mrs. Moore, and Mrs. Johnson for proctoring during this testing window. The week ended with CHHS's first varsity football home game, and girls who participated in the CHHS Highsteppers Mini Camp had a chance to provide a pregame performance. Shout out to our scholars who performed with energy and confidence.

This week, we look forward to continuing on this race for excellence with engaging instruction, reinforcement of expectations and procedures, and various discoveries. As a reminder, Friday is the last day to purchase the LRE spirit shirt, and we will also recognize our custodians for Custodian Appreciation Day. Finally, if you do not know it, we thank you for partnering with us as we grow your child academically, behaviorally, socially, and emotionally and provide a safe, positive learning environment.

Be sure to keep the following dates(s) in mind:

  • September 15-October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October 1: Custodian Appreciation Day (Ms. Rosalia Herrera, Ms. Elena Ortega, & Ms. Juanita Sanchez)
  • October 1: Last Day to Order LRE Spirit T-Shirt

Question to Pose to Your Child: How can I help you develop or continue a love of reading?

Read on below for scenes from the week, updates from our AP, information regarding counseling & guidance, upcoming events, and other helpful resources.

Always remember that "The Race for Excellence has No Finish Line."

Principal McCullum





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Scenes from the Week

International Day of Peace

Gear Up and Go Get It Week

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Assistant Principal Updates


The MAP assessments have concluded for the beginning of the year. However, there are three (3) programs that scholars need to continue working on at home to improve their academic progress in math and reading. They are IXL, Smarty Ants, and Achieve 3000.

IXL is the supplemental math program for all scholars in grades K-5. Smarty Ants is the supplemental reading program for scholars in grades K-2. Your child will need a microphone headset when participating in Smarty Ants. Achieve 3000 is the supplemental reading program for scholars in grades 3-5.

All scholars should know their login and passwords. Your child should participate in their respective program a minimum of three (3) times per week for at least 30 minutes. If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher.

Thanks again for all of your support.

Dr. Washington

Guidance Services

College Awareness Week

Lake Ridge Elementary scholars enjoyed GEAR UP & Go Get It Week. This was a collaborative weeklong event, aimed at bringing attention to the options scholars have after high school and supports Student Outcome Goal #1 (increase the percentage of scholars graduating college, career, and military ready). Virtual college tours are available in the virtual guidance office through the month or may be accessed at LRE Guidance Events.

Scholars in grades PK-3 who completed and submitted a Gear Up & Go Get It Scavenger Hunt will be entered in a drawing to win a Gear Up bracelet and a participation prize.

Cedar Hill Homecoming

Longhorn Homecoming is October 4th - 8th. Scholars in grades PK-5 will join Cedar Hill High School Longhorns in support of homecoming spirit week as they take on the Waxahachie Indians, Friday, October. Please see the 2021 homecoming calendar of events.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 15 – October 15. It is a time to honor the contributions, achievements, culture, and history of Hispanic Americans. In 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared Hispanic Heritage Week and in 1988, President Ronald Reagan extended the commemoration for one month to include all Latin and Central American countries. Please check out the LRE Guidance Office for Hispanic Heritage Month activities, live events, and a virtual tour of the Smithsonian Latin Center.

Counseling Department Newsletter

Each month CHISD's Counseling Department will release department services, news , and community resources. Please review the department newsletter for district wide services available to scholars, parents, and CHISD staff. Please click here for the most recent issue.

September Guidance Focus

  • Suicide Prevention
  • College Awareness
  • Hispanic Heritage Month

Counseling & Guidance Services: LRE Guidance Office

Counseling Request Form: LRE Counseling Request Form

School Counselor:

CIS Facilitator:

Restorative Services:

Upcoming Events

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Many have inquired about spirit shirts, and our design for this year has been finalized. Individuals will be able to place orders September 9-October 1. This will also serve as a school-wide fundraiser. Flyers with ordering information will be sent home this week. To place an order online, use the following steps:

Once the ordering window closes, the group order will be placed, and t-shirts will be distributed once received on campus.

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Attendance Incentives

Strive for 5: Scholars who have perfect attendance Monday-Friday will receive a "Free Dress" day on the following Monday; this also applies to short weeks.

Attendance Notes

  • Notes regarding an absence must be brought to the office within three days of the absence; parents can also enter via Family Access. Notes should include the scholar's full name, date of absence, and signature/date of parent/guardian.
  • You can email Principal McCullum for any attendance questions or concerns.
  • If the method of your child getting home needs to change, notify the Main Office or your child’s teacher by 2:00 p.m. so that there is enough time to communicate the change to your child. If e-mailing the teacher, include an administrator in case the teacher is absent on that particular day.
  • 2:45 p.m. is the latest that a scholar may be checked out due to preparation for dismissal.


Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Morning Arrival Procedures:

  • Doors open daily at 7:15 a.m.

  • Scholars arriving by bus will enter through Door #14.

  • Scholars in Pre-K & their siblings will enter through Door #12.

  • Scholars in ECSE/SKILL & their siblings will enter through Door #11.

  • All other scholars (car riders and walkers), will enter through Door #1/Main Entrance.

  • Vehicles may enter the school driveway via the back/second driveway that runs behind the building and form one line.
  • Only those going to the Main Office or dropping off with the classes indicated for Door #11 and Door #12 should enter the main driveway.
  • Parents should follow the arrows that indicate the flow of traffic, and drop off only in the lane next to the sidewalk. Children should not be dropped off in the center lane to ensure safety.

After the first day of school, parents will not be able to walk their children to their classrooms. All parents & visitors must report directly to the Main Office.

Dismissal Procedures:

  • Dismissal occurs daily at 3:00 p.m.

  • Scholars in Pre-K & their siblings will exit through Door #12.

  • Scholars in SKILL & their siblings will exit through Door #11.

  • Scholars who ride the bus or walk home will exit through Door #14.

  • Scholars picked up via Private Daycare transportation will exit through Door #1.

  • Scholars who are picked up by car will exit through Door #5 (remain in cafeteria until called).

    • Parents may enter the school driveway via the back/second driveway that runs behind the building and form one line.

    • As the cars approach the pick-up area, the scholars will be called outside and will wait for a faculty member to load them into the cars.

    • Anyone picking up a scholar must have the color-coded card prominently displayed. If the card is not present, then the scholars(s) will be sent to the front office, and the driver will need to show proper identification.

    • Parents, please stay in your car at all times. Children will not be released if a parent walks up to the cafeteria door.

  • Only those going to the Main Office for appointments or picking up with the classes indicated for Door #11 and Door #12 should enter the main driveway.

  • If there is a change in how a scholar regularly gets home, please call the Main Office or email Principal McCullum AND Dr. Washington by 2:00 p.m. This will help avoid confusion.

  • The latest time to check a scholar out via the Main Office is 2:45 p.m. After that time, please wait until the regularly scheduled dismissal.

  • If your child is in Right at School, remember that checkout begins after 3:30 p.m.; that occurs at Door #5.

The picture below shows how to properly place your car tag(s) for dismissal:

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Driveway #1: Yellow

Driveway #2: Orange

K-5: Green Line (morning arrival=Door #1; dismissal=door #5)


Main Office/Parking: Red Line


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Helpful Resources



Unfortunately, there are times when a member of the Longhorn Family experiences a death. Employees, or families of scholars or former CHISD employees who wish to share the information are asked to complete the CHISD CARES (Cares About Retirees Employees & Scholars) form. The CHISD Communications Office handles all CHISD C.A.R.E.S submissions and shares the information via email to all staff. C.A.R.E.S notifications will be sent out by the end of the day that the form was received; if the submission is received after 2:30 p.m. it might not be sent out until the following business day.

The C.A.R.E.S form is available on the communications page of Here is a direct link.


The CHISD Communications Department loves to share the positive experiences and interactions happening across the district.

If you want to share some kudos for a parent, employee or scholar who exhibits the Longhorn Essentials, please email a description/information to and you might see your kudos on one of the district’s social media accounts.

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Have a Concern?

All concerns are encouraged to be addressed at the lowest level possible first in an effort to resolve the matter using the steps below:

Step One: Contact the teacher, and schedule a conference.

Step Two: Contact the Assistant Principal (all behavioral/discipline issues) or Counselor (mental health/academic advisement).

Step Three: Contact the Principal.

When emailing or calling the Main Office, it is helpful to provide details so that the inquiry is directed to the correct individual. No in-person meetings are taking place at this time.

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Upcoming Activities/Events

  • September 9-October 1: Spirit T-Shirt Orders Placed
  • September 15-October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October 1: Custodian Appreciation Day
  • October 4-8: Homecoming Week/Themed Days
  • October 8: Parent Conference Day/No School
  • October 11: Fair Day/No School
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