Brewster School Newsletter

September 4, 2015



As a new school year begins, remember to be kind to yourself. You are performing miracles."

(Posted by JoAnna Silverstein and The Learning Station)

This is true for all of you who work at Brewster School. Each of you works hard everyday to ensure that our students are doing their best academically, socially and emotionally. This takes more time than the typical school day to achieve. Therefore, it is important that you find time to "unhook" from the work world and do something for you. This weekend is a great time to start. Have a fun, restful weekend.

Shout Outs

Please share your staff "Shout-outs" with me so that I can include them in the weekly newsletter.

  • To the people who stayed for the recess meeting, while sweating outside, until 5:00. The committee demonstrated true collaboration when determining the recess procedures and rules. Thank you.
  • To a fantastic staff for continuing to step up and do what ever is needed. It was very obvious during this first full week of school that everyone did their share to make it smooth.


  • The team leaders have determined the dates for pledging for each of the Core Ethical Values. Students will be pledging to be respectful on Friday, September 11th. Please take time to teach your children what respect looks like at Brewster School prior to next Friday.
  • We will be kicking off the Brewster Buck PBIS Program in October. Please do not hand out any Brewster Bucks until after the kick off assembly. The committee will be meeting on September 15th to plan this year's program and the assembly. Please come share your thoughts. We have been able to improve the program each year because of your ideas. We will also be looking for individuals to offer rewards to students and to count the bucks before the monthly assemblies. If you are willing to do either but can't come to the meeting please let Alex or me know.
  • The kindergarten students will begin going to the playground when they get off the buses on Tuesday. The kindergarten team will be with them on Tuesday and Wednesday to teach them the procedures.
  • It is possible they will be doing work on the gym roof next week. The first couple of days will not effect the use of the gym. However, it is possible that we will not be able to use the gym for anything but lunch on Thursday and Friday. If that is the case, Alex will meet your class outside the gym to take them out. Also, we will not be entering the school through the gym door on those days. I will use the day book to keep you posted on this since the days could change. This is just a heads up.


  • Please hand in your schedules next week. Be sure you have included a one-hour block daily for Reader's Workshop in your schedule. If possible it should not be split up. Thank you to those who have already handed theirs in.
  • The first fire drill will be on Tuesday, September 7th in the morning.
  • Information Night is at 6:00 – 6:45 for AM PreK and kindergarten and 6:45 – 7:30 PM for PM PreK and Grades 1 and 2.
  • Please remind students to wear passes when in the hallway when going to the office, nurse, bathroom, etc.
  • Send Patti your conference schedule so she can post them on Information Night.
  • Morning PLC's will begin next week and the afternoon PLC meetings will begin the week of September 14th.
  • Check the Day book twice a day (AM & PM) for up-to-date information.
  • If you have a charity you would like included on the jean money survey please send it to Patti.
  • It is important that you always sign in and out of the building in the office so that there is an accurate record of who is in the building in case of an emergency.
  • Last call - if you would like your Literacy Binder updated please drop it off in the reading portable on Tuesday.

School Happenings

September 7 - Labor Day (No school)
September 8 - BKPTO @ 5:30 at Brewster
September 9 - Information Night
September 15 - PBIS Meeting @ 3:30
September 17 - Open House from 6:00-7:30

September 18 - ADCO

Brewster is the B.E.S.T

Collaboration is Key!


Sunshine will be sending out an email shortly letting you know what Sunshine is. We will also be putting envelopes in mailboxes soon to collect the annual dues of $25. We are hoping for 100% participation this year. Part time employees do not have to pay the full amount. We don't discriminate when it comes giving, so please join us.

We are also looking for new members if anyone is interested. Let Sandy or Patti know.