The Reformation

Messale Gooden

what was the changes?

The reformation was a very big change , it was a religious movement changing the catholic church , the cause was because the Catholics people were not very loyal , also another problem was indulgence it was church priest giving pardons for sins , martin Luther made the 95 theses , which attacked the church when the new change begone.

The People Associated with the change.

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How did the change impact society at the time?

The Church slip even more , because King Henry VIII wanted control over the church in England and also because he was very ready to father a son to continue his dynasty , he was denied a divorce by the pope , which cause schism which cause the split into a new Church called the "Anglican Church". the reason why he did this , is so that he could breakaway from the pope , and try to divorce his wife again.

Also , Martin Luther wrote the 95 theses telling the catholic Church for its corrupt practice of selling indulgences or the forgiveness of sins. Later on in January 1521 , pope Leo X excommunicated Martin Luther.

How is that change seen in today's modern society?

  • The Church treats everyone the same .
  • Church lost government power.