The Future of TSMS Yearbook

Miss Proctor's vision for continued success

About Miss Proctor

When I was 11, I begged my mom for a scrapbook kit, after multiple weeks of constant badgering, she relented and my love of photography and designing memories all came to fruition. I would spend hours creating pages of my vacations, friends, and even my dog, there was no greater satisfaction than a completed page.

My yearbook career began in 2001 as a sophomore in high school. All sophomores start out as copy writers and back up photographers when the big dogs aren't available basically. As a junior, my responsibilities grew to photo editing, layout design, and editor of senior dedications. I became the editor in chief as a senior and I must say it was one of the most stressful but by far rewarding titles I have had the pleasure of possessing. My role allowed me to lead my staff in developing an award-winning theme. I learned the value of delegating, proofreading over and over again, and keeping calm while skating in just hours from a deadline. The tears flowed freely when that book came in the mail, the culmination of seemingly endless deadlines and stress, was in my hands and to me it was the most beautiful piece of work I'd ever seen.

I went on to be a journalism major at Baylor University and worked on The Round Up there, not as rewarding as a high school yearbook but yet still challenging and exciting. Since those times, I have worked on 2 elementary school books as a volunteer and spent some time working with Mrs. McDaniel on Trinity Springs' 2015-2016 yearbook.

The obvious next step in my yearbook journey would be to be an advisor and help the next generation of yearbook enthusiasts develop their love of these timeless treasures.

My vision

Trinity Springs Middle School has consistently produced a high-quality award-winning yearbook. In order to maintain that status, I plan to work in cooperation with the Walsworth representative to ensure we are still producing a product that is worthy of recognition. In addition to publisher awards, I have begun researching companies that provide monetary recognition of award-winning yearbooks. I am overflowing with ideas in regards to fundraising for newer equipment, technology incorporation, future staffing, themes, and unity among the staffers and the Trinity Springs community.

For the 21st Century Student

Yearbook 3D

Yearbook 3D is the latest advancement in yearbook publications. With the download of a simple app, readers can hover over photos within the yearbook and a video will play. This technology allows for the memories to be captured to its fullest extent. Still photos are so old school!
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Yearbook Shout

Another technology available to Walsworth yearbook is Yearbook Shout. This would give students the ability to leave video messages for one another by the simple scan of a QR code....pretty techie huh?
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Yearbook Snap

The yearbook staff can't possibly be everywhere all the time and grab every photo worthy moment. With Yearbook Snap, students, parents, and teachers can take photos and upload them directly to the yearbook staff's cloud. THIS will definitely come in handy! It gives parents another reason to take pictures of their kids....they'll love it! As for the kids....well, to be determined!
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These great features are available through Walsworth if the cost is within budget or fundraising can be done in order to provide these options it is my goal to incorporate them starting this upcoming school year. It is imperative that we advance with the changing times and provide our students with the latest innovations. Also, adding new features will drive up sales as students will be interested in something new and unique!


Fundraising would be a priority for ensuring the constant improvement of the yearbook, including new cameras and MAC computers. Some ideas for FUNdraisers are:

  • Photo booth Fridays, or at sporting events, or dances
  • Selling downloads or prints of photos
  • Paint nights through Pickled Picasso
  • Sell space to students for dedications to their friends
  • Sell space to teachers for quotes or send offs or special thanks
  • Distribution day party, sell snacks and items for signing and decorating

For the staffers

7th graders???

Why is yearbook limited to only 8th grade? Yearbook is a large project with multiple facets and requires an immense amount of training. In order to publish the best possible product, we need all hands on deck!

  • 7th graders can gain a grasp of the basics without wasted time at the beginning of their 8th grade year.
  • More bodies able to take photos, ensuring full coverage of all events and activities.
  • Who says 7th graders don't have great ideas...more minds=more creativity
  • Journalism is still a career path for many students, let's foster that path as early as possible!
  • 7th graders can develop their skill set creating a school newsletter....Smore makes a great newsletter.
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Thursday, Sep. 1st, 9pm

Trinity Springs Middle School

Yearbook can be stressful, hectic, and downright crazy at times! No better way to calm the nerves and build a team spirit than having team building events! Periodically throughout the year, I will get the staff together to help strengthen the bonds and open the lines of communication between the staffers. There are many successes along the way as well that need to be celebrated in order to push on to the next goal.

Ideas include:

  • Deadline & distribution day parties
  • Main Event
  • Pot luck dinners
  • Sporting events
  • Lock-ins

Yearbook Camp

One week in August, before school is back in session, all the staffers will get together to meet and start learning the ins and outs. Typically, a camp is offered during the summer from the publisher, as the circumstances are different surrounding this year, I say we hold our own camp.

  • Camera and photography training
  • What is a layout? a pica? copy? captions? a spread? mugshots...really?
  • Theme development
  • Cover ideas...maybe a school wide contest?
  • Basics of journalism

Yearbooks are special, they help to lock in those important memories, remind us of people who have touched our lives, and allow us to reminisce on some of our most formative years, hopefully with great joy. They are stories, pictures, and quotes that solidify brief moments in the scrapbooks of our lives.