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Crime Scene Investigator

Salary Range

Detectives and Criminal Investigators make a annual salary of $58,750, a median hourly salary of $26.82, and a mean hourly salary of $28.24.

Education necessary to do the job successfully

To become a crime scene investigator you need to have a bachelor's degree in forensic science, forensic anthropology or forensic biology. Also,criminal justice, molecular biology and biochemist.

Job Description/Duties

When your a crime scene investor you examin the details left at the scene of a crime.
Some duties that come with having this job is being a photographer and photographic log recorder,sketch,evidence recorder/evidence and recovery personnel

Environmental relationship between the environment and job

When your examine a dead body from a crime scene investigation you can learn more about your body from examining someone else's. Also, if your doing a autopsy on someone's body you can learn how any organs were misused and later figuring out the cause of death.
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Disadvantages of being a crime scene invesagtor

Some disadvantages of being a crime scene investigator is that you could be called at anytime of the day or night, the job can be very dangerous, and there is a risk that you may be killed on the job.
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Advantages of being a crime scene investigator

One advantage about being a crime scene investigator is that you get to learn more about your human body and how it functions from examining other people's body.
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Interesting facts

  • Outdoor crime scenes have more difficult challenges for investigators rather then if it was indoors
  • Before the 1970s, estimating a victim’s date of death was more guesswork than science
  • Crime scene investigators are also known as forensic science technicians because they use scientific methods to analyze physical evidence
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