Digital Citizenship

Taylor Ben. and Stephanie

Choosing a Username and Password

Make sure you don't share your personal information. Because people you don't know can track you down and see that information. For example, your name, email, birthday, address, and your age. Also, make sure your password isn't an easy password to get in to, like 123456 or, password.

Digital Footprints

Whenever you go to a website, other people you don't know can know where you have been and see how long you have been on it. Your parents can know if you have been on a inappropriate website and you can get in trouble.


You should never cyber bully because it hurts the other person's feelings, and makes them feel bad. Cyber bulling is regular bulling but, online. People are mean online and other people can see what the bully said to you.

Traffic Light

Green: Is the good websites you should go on because they are appropriate

Yellow: Is the ones were you should slowdown and ask a parent because it might not be safe

Red: Is for sites that are inappropriate and that you should not go on because there might be things that you shouldn't see

What Would Grandma Say (WWGS)

Hopefully, your grandma would say that some websites are inappropriate for your age. Your grandma would not approve of you being on a bad website. If you would not show what your grandma what you are doing, then you should not be on that website at all.