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June 2017 - Vol. 6 Issue 3

Thinking BIG For Our Children

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Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

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The CYCSI community congratulates the P.S.176 graduating class of 2017! This is the first step into their new lives as primary school graduates. Our fifth grade students will progress forward to middle school to continue accomplishing impressive academic achievements. We trust that the seniors enjoyed their social where they interacted with peers, danced and enjoyed dinner.
A special congratulations to all inductees into the National Honor Society. Those students went above and beyond and were rewarded in a more exceptional manner. However, we commend all students for the diligence they exhibited throughout their elementary school years.
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We would also like to congratulate our CYCSI Team Members 2017 graduates. Our staff goes above and beyond to ensure that our students are being enriched both academically and artistically. We wish them luck and encourage them to continue to do their best.

Community Service/Work Learn Grow

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High School and Middle School Students Working And Volunteering at P.S. 176 Out of School Program

Here are their reflections:

  • Alexia Forbes (Community Service Learning) -
Hillcrest Highschool

4th and 5th Grade Girls Academic Segment, Step Club, Sports Club

"Through my experiences working and volunteering, I learned the importance of time management, patience and confidence."

  • Charmaine Washington (Community Service Learning) -
Preparatory Academy for Writers

Kindergarten Academic Segment, Music Club

"Working here helped me realize the importance of time management and working towards a larger cause."

  • Darrien Hunt (Work Learn Grow/Community Service Learning) -
Thomas A. Edison Highschool

4th and 5th Grade Boys Academic Segment , Media Club

"Working here has made me a more responsible individual and has boosted my confidence. My work ethic has also improved."

  • Deborah Dormevil (Community Service Learning) -
The Mary Louis Academy


"This program has helped me to become a more outgoing and outspoken person."

  • Destyn White (Work Learn Grow/Community Service Learning) -
4th and 5th Grade Boys

Medgar Evers College Preparatory School

"WLG has allowed me to find a career choice that I am pursuing. I learned more about myself and how to interact co-workers and students."

  • Tevya Spencer (Community Service Learning) -
Cambria Heights Academy

Kindergarten academics and sports club.

"My experience here helped me learn new strategies when dealing with children."

  • Julie-Anne Marshall (Work Learn Grow/Community Service Learning) -

Cambria Heights Academy

2nd Grade Segment

"My experience positively impacted my ability to manage children and also made me a more flexible person."

  • Leilani Washington (Work Learn Grow/Community Service Learning) -

Queens Preparatory Academy

K-2nd Grade Academic Segment

"I learned that patience is a virtue."

  • Maleha Tasmem (Community Service Learning) -
Cambria Heights Academy

Kindergarten homework/academic segment.

"Throughout my internship here, I learned many things such as how to manage my time. I became much more patient and even learned how to work with younger students professionally."

  • Nikki Blackman (Community Service Learning) -
St. Francis Prep

4th and 5th grade girls

"Through my entire experience volunteering at C.Y.C.S.I, I improved my character as a young individual. Through my work and patience my understanding of sisterhood has grown immensely."

  • Tiaura Townsley (Work Learn Grow/ Community Service Learning) -
Williamsburg Charter High

Theater Club, Boys Step

"Working here made me enjoy the theater field even more and taught me how to manage children."

  • Leilah Camille (Community Service Learning Spring Break) -
Medgar Evers College Preparatory School

Spring Break

"In my experience volunteering, I learned how to interact with children of all ages. I am practicing patience and other skills that will help me in the future."

  • Leashell Camille (Community Service Learning Spring Break) -
John Bowne High School

Spring Break

"I learned how to be more creative and adaptive at the workplace."

  • Briah Singleton (Work Learn Grow/ Community Service Learning) -

Queens High School of Teaching

First Grade Academic Segment, Maintenance, Dance Club

"Throughout the year I learned the importance of punctuality. Additionally, I assumed more responsibility which allowed me to sharpen my multitasking skills."

Staff Spotlight

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Interview with Ms. Christele, Engineering Activity Specialist

Ms. Christele commenced her employment at P.S. 176 Out of School Program in the Fall of 2016. She works with the 3rd grade academic segment and is the lead Activity Specialist for the Engineering Club. Ms. Christele also assists with managing the office. She exposes the students to STEM through fun engineering activities. The club comprises eager students who complete new engaging projects each week.

Read below to learn more about Ms. Christele.

What are some of your accomplishments prior to working at CYCSI?

"I graduated from York College with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology. Before joining CYCSI I was an Undergraduate Research Assistant in an immunology lab. I also tutored elementary and college students."

Why did you decide to work at CYCSI?

"I enjoy working with kids."

What are your long term career plans and how will your experience at CYCSI help you in the future?

"I’m planning to pursue a career in clinical research. My exposure to the discipline of the program and the importance of innovation will remain with me throughout my career and in my personal life."

Winter - Spring Birthday Celebrations

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CYCSI sends a special shoutout to all the students whose birthdays were in the winter or spring months. Happy Birthday and we wish you many more!!!!

New Clubs: Boys Step, Theater, Cheerleading

This year we introduced three new clubs: Boys Step, Theater and Cheerleading. In addition to an already successful Step Club, a new branch of the club was added exclusively for boys in grades two to five who were interested in learning how to step. We expanded our Performing Arts Segment with the institution of Theater Club. Students of the Theater Club enjoy acting and performing on stage. The Cheerleading Club has quickly become popular amongst our young ladies, allowing them to exert their energy through a fun and physically engaging activity. The Theatre and Boys' Step Club is led by Senior Activity Specialist Tiaura Townsley. The Cheerleading Club is led by Senior Activity Specialist Shanakay Sudlow.

Spring Break 2017

Spring Break 2017 was an eventful and enjoyable time for the CYCSI students. The children participated in fun and educational activities. Our students were enriched mathematically, literally, and scientifically during our morning hours. Staff and students were able to bond, which allowed the staff to be able to spread their knowledge among the youth.

After the academics portion of the program, the students were able to enjoy lunch and a lengthy recess. Outside, they were permitted to enjoy free play with their friends or participate in small organized sports games. Clubs were the most enjoyable part of the day for everyone. The children were able to choose a club of their choice, building on their interests while learning valuable skills. The staff shared their expertise ensuring that each child would be more informed at the end of the program.

Science Fair 2017

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During Spring 2017, P.S. 176 hosted their annual Science Fair for the students featuring their creative projects. Students, with the help of their parents, are required to complete a scientific project on any topic of interest. The Scientific Method is at the core of their project development. As a result of the annual Science Fair, students have the opportunity to hone their research and experimentation.

Some of the experiments included:

  • What is the best Location to Store Microwave Popcorn for Maximum Popping by Olanre - Grade 2
  • Which Nail Polish Lasts the Longest, Matte or Shiny? by Shaniah - Grade 4
  • The Leak Proof Bag by Shayla - Grade 2
  • Does Smell Effect Your Taste Buds? by Micheal - Grade 3
  • Beast of the Yeast by Darrius - Grade K
  • Can Eggs Float? by Ryan - Grade 1
  • Why Doesn't the Whole Ocean Freeze? by Elijah - Grade 2
  • Which Liquid Expands the Most When Frozen? by Ryan - Grade 5
  • Water vs. Soap Tornado by Jeremiah - Grade 1
  • Cookie Monster Taste Test by Kaelyn - Grade 2
  • Why do Pine Cones Open and Close? by Deryk - Grade 2
  • Tornado Gravity by Osazeme - Grade 4
  • Plants Making Fruits by Nicole - Grade 4
  • Elephant Tooth Paste by Skyy - Grade 2

Culminating Event June 2017

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Our June Culminating Event was a huge success thanks to our talented after school program participants and their dedicated parents. We understand the performance this year was entertaining and everyone enjoyed the evening. Kudos to our staff who worked tirelessly to showcase work completed during the school year. The event featured:

Opening Remarks................Linette Townsley, Program Manager

Viva la Vida…………………………………………………...............Music Club

Soundscape Routine

All or Nothing

College is Here


This Is A Test……………………………………….…….........…..Theater Club

Cheer Routines………………………………………….....Cheerleading Club

Boys Killing It At Success……………………………………..Boys Step Club

Zeta Phi Si………………………………………………….................…...Sorority

Rhythm Nation……………………………………….........………...Dance Club

Closing Remarks…................…...Cheryl Caddle, Executive Director

Summer Program 2017

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