The Choice

by: Nicholas Sparks; Presented by: Emily Dorn


In the book The Choice by Nicholas Sparks, at first Gabby must make a heartfelt decision that will leave you wondering as you turn each page. But as you near the end of this book another person has to make an extreme decision for Gabby.
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The Heart of the Book


The main character, Gabby, in my story struggles with many things one thing was she was stuck between two amazing guys, but didn't want to hurt either one. In the book the authors words are, "There was something happening here, something she didn't understand. She loved Kevin and wanted to marry him; in the past couple of days, that feeling hadn't changed at all. And yet... she couldn't deny that spending time with Travis seemed...right, somehow." Another conflict approaches near the end of the book regarding Gabby's health, but you will have to read the book to find out...


The plot of my story starts of with Gabby, she moves into a new home in Beaufort, North Carolina to be closer to her boy friend Kevin. After a few weeks of living in her new home her dog Molly starts showing signs of pregnancy, and Gabby is highly convinced her neighbors dog is the one that got her dog pregnant. With all the courage she has she walks over to her neighbors house who is Travis and tells him that he dog is pregnant because of his dog. Travis tells Gabby to bring Molly into the vet first, of course he forgot to tell her that his dog has already been fixed. Well turns out Travis is the vet, so that was awkward for Gabby. While Gabby's boyfriend is away on business Travis and her start to hang out and it is obvious there is a mutual connection. That is the end of the first part of the book, but in the second part of the book they fast forward 11 years while Gabby is in a coma. Her husband, which you have to read the book to find out who that is, has to decide whether he should take his wife off of life support.


With this book I never really thought there was much of a resolution I just thought it ended abruptly. Although it didn't have much of a resolution the ending was really inspirational and very important to the story.