Peg kehret


Do you like action, mystery or when you can never put the book down? Well you are about to dive into a book like that. The author to this book's name is Peg Kehret she lives in Washington state, she is an animal lover, and she grew up loving nature.


When 7 year old mat leaves his kinder garden classroom to use the bathroom he never knows when he will find him self in the back of a strangers car. Denny Matt's step dad wear's a fake ups suit to get into Matt's school. When Denny tricks Matt to come out the back door of the school and to get in Denny's car he takes Matt to his apartment to keep Matt. Denny tells Matt that his mother and sister Bonnie and his mom got in a car reck and died so Matt wouldn't try to get away.Luckly one day Denny decides to take Matt to the baseball game while his sister Bonnie goes with her friend feeling mad while she needs to be helping the police and her mother looking for Matt but at the baseball game she spots Matt from her seats and trying to track Matt down with Denny. When she got to Matt Denny grabbed her to telling them he has a gun.

Opinion of the book

I think this is one of the best authors ever! I wouldn't change anything to this book.I hope Peg Kehret keeps writing books like this she is my favorite author she rights many action and kidnapping books especialy books that you cant put down.


I would recommend this book to nine and older it is kind of confusing and some of the names are hard to pronounce and there are some really really long words and the words are also kind of hard to pronounce.