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Hidden Talents by David Lubar

Hidden Talents by David Lubar tells the story of Martin Anderson, a rebellious young boy who can't keep his mouth shut, that is sent to a school for boys just like him, boys that don't follow the rules. This school is a dead end. Martin settles into his new, disciplined life with a new group of friends that are on the bottom of the school food chain. As he spends more and more time with his friends, he notices something peculiar about each of them. After hours in the library, the school's ghost town, Martin discovers each of his friend's have a special psychic ability. Pick up Hidden Talents to read about Martin and his special friends' adventures at Edgeview!

A Picture Tour of Edgeview

Our Atmosphere

Edgeview has quite a gloomy atmosphere due the students' broken spirits, delinquent behavior, and disinterest in learning. Edgeview does not tolerate undisciplined behavior, therefore we will be sure to showcase a strict, unforgiving atmosphere. Even lashing out in the smallest way will result in severe punishment. Life in Edgeview for our students is structured and controlled until the behavioral development of a student has progressed enough to be released from this school.

Meet Our Teachers

Principal Davis

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Our Impact

Martin knew he had hit rock bottom when he arrived at Edgeview; therfore, he just didn't care how he acted. Why should he? Edgeview is a dead end. It turns out that this isolation that caused defiance, guilt, disappointment, annoyance, and no hope for the future in the beginning became Martin's life saver. Edgeview in its entirety showed Martin the importance of relationships, which he had a knack for ruining. After all, everyone in Edgeview just wants to fit in considering they're strange qualities that landed them in this school in the first place. In Edgeview, the only people Martin had were the other kids that attended the school. He put aside all his friends quirks and problems, and they put aside his. Though, to their surprise, most of their quirks were all a result of their undiscovered powers. Despite the beginning difficulty, Edgeview gave Martin the most important part of life, friendship.

Our Conflict

The town just outside of Edgeview have mixed opinions of the school. Some believe that the school should be closed down, and others believe this school is a great way to contain those that aren't ready for the real world. Due to the complaints, a state inspection takes place to make the final decision about the school's fate. To the reader's surprise, Martin and his friends use their powers to help Edgeview pass the inspection despite sabotages made by Bloodbath and his group of bullies to blow the inspection. Because the controversial views of Edgeview and its students, Martin and his psychic friends had a chance to use their powers for good and help save their home.

Edgeview Alternative School

Contact our office if you wish for your misbehaved child to attend this school.