St. Anne School Newsletter


Final '19-'20 Thoughts from the Principal

Dear St. Anne Families,

The time has come for us to wish our retiring teachers, Mrs. Hanni, Ms. Mangini, Mrs. Meek, and Ms. Kelly, as well as our 'moving-on' science teacher, Mrs. Phillips, the very best as they begin the new chapters in their lives. Our most sincere thanks, our love and our prayers go out to each of you for all that you have done for our students, your co-workers, and our families. You have made an enormous impact on each one of us. God bless you today and always.

Please be sure to check out the blurb below which reminds you of the date and time you are expected to return your child(ren)'s textbooks and Chromebook (if borrowed).

All report cards are being "snail" - mailed home to parents this final quarter. We wanted parents and students to have a hard copy of the report card. It is being mailed out on Friday, June 5. If you do not receive it by next Wednesday, please let us know. Thank you.

As this is the final Newsletter for this school year, I want to send my personal and most sincere thanks to all of you, our parents, for the extraordinary support, time, and effort you put into making this year go so smoothly. As I have said many times and still remains even more true today than in the past, we are able to do all that we do with our students because of your ongoing involvement and support. On behalf of our entire faculty and staff, I wish you the very best summer and we look forward to working with all of you and your great children in our upcoming school year! God bless all of you and keep you safe!


I hope everyone has enjoyed Tuesday's and today's events. Here are the final two events planned for tomorrow and Friday. Below is the schedule with the links.


The Zoom Prayer Service will begin at 11:00;


The Zoom School-wide Moving-Up Ceremony will begin at 9:30.


I am happy to announce that our fifth grade teacher, Michelle Der, and her husband welcomed their fourth child into the world on Wednesday, May 27 at 7:33 p.m. Jaden weighed-in at 6 lbs. 15 oz. and was 21 inches long. Both Michelle and Baby Jaden are doing well. Michelle just filled out Baby Jaden's school application. We now have our first applicant for St. Anne's graduating class...Class of 2033!!! Congratulations, Michelle and Jimmy!


With the coming of our new school year comes some staffing changes in our Jr. High. We are reconfiguring grades 6, 7, and 8. Our sixth grade will be rotating with the seventh and eighth grade teachers this coming year. Our sixth, seventh and eighth graders will rotate through core subject teachers: reading, math, English and social studies. We know that this change will allow our sixth graders to have additional opportunities to challenge and strengthen them both academically and personally. Ms. Vollert (8-2) will teach 6, 7, 8 math. Mrs. Wilson (8-1) will teach 6,7,8 social studies. Mr. Josias (7th grade) will teach 6, 7, 8 English. I am currently interviewing for our new 6, 7, 8 reading teacher. I am also in the process of interviewing teacher candidates for our third grade position.

I am happy to inform everyone that our new grades 4-8 science teacher is Ms. Nancy Wong. Nancy has been working here at St. Anne School for the past two years in both fifth grade with Ms. Der and most recently as our librarian. In addition to her STEM background, she is a very outstanding teacher and will add much to our science program and to our staff. I am very happy to have Ms. Wong continuing on as our science teacher.


Congratulations to those students who have been chosen as exempliying those qualities of a Christ-Centered Individual. Keep on living-out those qualities every day of your life! Please see the attached flyer.
Big picture


I want to thank all the parents who have sent in your child's re-registraton form or who have sent an email to Mrs. Finnegan telling her when you would be getting the form sent to the school. I would like to ask the remaining families to please get the re-registration form completed and send it in to the school office. If it is easier for you to drop it off, you can do so, but you will need to drop it off at the St. Anne Parish rectory....850 Judah. There is a mail slot to the right of the rectory front door. You can drop the form into the mail slot and we will pick it up from there. Thank you.


We will be collecting all student textbooks and Chromebooks that students were using at home on June 10 and 11. There is a specific date and time for parents in each class to come to school and drop off those items. Parents with more than one child in school can drop off their children's books/Chromebooks all at the same time...choosing whichever designated day works and time works for them. Please see the attached procedure I am asking everyone to follow on the day you are dropping off your child(ren)'s textbooks/Chromebooks.

Here is the day and time for each class's drop off:

June 10

9:00……………….K and 8-2

10:00…………….First and 6-1

11:00…………….Second and 8-1

June 11

9:00……………….Third and 6-2

10:00……………..Fourth and 7-2

11:00…………..…Fifth and 7-1

Summer Activities

We will be posting suggested summer activities for each grade on our website for your reference during the summer. Additionally, you may want your child/children to take another look at our Student Resources page. Additionally, the San Francisco Public Library, in partnership with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, has a special summer program for kids of all ages. The link is posted below.


All San Francisco principals received this information from the Archdiocese. We were asked to pass it along to our parents so you can express your opinion to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors. This proposal was put forth by Richmond District Supervisor Sandra Fewer to put homeless encampments in Golden Gate Park. I, personally, do not think that officially sanctioning homeless encampments in Golden Gate Park is a good idea. Dianne Feinstein is opposed to this policy and has written a letter opposing it.. Please see opinions and thoughts below.

This is a link to a column by CW Nevius and a Next Door post with all the information including contact information for elected officials.


Sandra Fewer (Supervisor Richmond District) is proposing allowing tent encampments in Golden Gate Park. Here's part of her announcement:

"My staff and I have been working to create safe places for those sleeping on our streets, including the hotel rooms and other alternative housing sites the City is currently scaling up. At today's meeting of the Board of Supervisors, I announced that Supervisor Mar and I are working with the City Attorney to explore emergency legislation that would open up suitable public sites, including on land owned by Rec Park, for the purpose of establishing safe sleeping sites.
70% of Golden Gate Park is in our district, and I have identified specific areas which could be perfect for safe sleeping sites. These sites would provide bathrooms and enough room for tents to be spaced out so that residents could have access to the hygiene and social distancing practices necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which is our top priority. Though this is not a permanent solution to homelessness and not as good as a hotel room, it is certainly better than leaving our unhoused folks crowded on our sidewalks. I look forward to exploring this further with Supervisor Mar and the City Attorney and hope to have legislation ready for introduction by next week."

Since Supervisor Fewer's announcement, the legislation has been drafted and is pending committee action.

What do you think? Let our mayor and our supervisors know your opinion. Phil Ginsburg is the head of Rec & Parks and it would be good if he heard our opinions prior to responding to the Supervisor's legislation.


You can also send a copy of your email to the Clerk for the Board of Supervisors and request that it be included as Public Comment in the record for the next meeting of the full board: