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November 15, 2019

Brick purchase deadline is extended to November 22nd!

Leave a Legacy Brick Promotion - purchase a brick to commemorate a special person or moment.
Brick options for purchase
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HOUSE DAY was awesome! Thanks to the PTA and parent volunteers who made this day fun for all HOUSES!

House Teams of Greystone: Hawks, Lions, Wolves, Turtles, Dolphins

Please remember that handicapped parking should be only used by those with appropriate identification on their vehicle.

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Calling all Responsible Fourth Graders... Are you interested in joining Safety Patrol?

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We are searching for students who are interested in serving on our Safety Patrol Team for the 3rd & 4th nine weeks. You should only apply for this position if you want to help keep Greystone safe and can commit to keeping up with this responsibility.

Morning patrols must be at their post by 7:15 a.m. Afternoon patrols should plan to be on duty until 3:10 p.m. Parents need to be sure their child will be at school by their designated time. We do not want patrols arriving late for their post or leaving early.

Being a part of safety patrol is a position of honor and leadership. We appreciate the work that the patrols do and the time they give to the school. Safety patrol members must realize that this is a commitment and they will be expected to be on post at their scheduled time.

Students who serve on the safety patrol team during the 3rd & 4th nine weeks will earn a special party at the end of the year.

If you would like to apply to be a part of safety patrol for the 3rd & 4th nine weeks, please email me at or submit an application through the following website:


Mrs. Carns


Website Updates

A big thanks to those who responded to our recently-administered HCS Elementary Website Survey. Your results guided several changes which we hope you will find helpful as you navigate our sites.

We have placed Calendars, Staff Listings, and Menus in more prominent locations. We have disabled pages that were not heavily utilized. We have also worked to remove dead links and adjust contrast issues.

We realize some of you are strictly on desktops; others seek out websites via mobile devices. We continuously work toward ensuring our platforms are responsive on all devices.

Please know that this will always be a work in progress and we welcome your suggestions as we enhance the ways in which we communicate with you.

Check out the updates to our website using the link below.

Counselor's Corner

Wow, Happy November—Time is flying!

In 1990, the state of Alabama mandated that a developmental School Guidance and Counseling program be a part of the curriculum for all elementary school students. I want to introduce myself for those who may not know me… my name is Kristin Amos-White and I am the School Counselor here at Greystone Elementary School. I am approaching my 6th year here and I am excited about our students!

During the school year, I will be presenting lessons to each class every week. Lessons will align with the ASCA National Standards and will fall into areas of personal and social development, educational development, and vocational development. In addition to the classroom guidance lessons, the Counseling program provides opportunities for small group counseling. I will be conducting small group counseling in areas of concern such as supporting children in times of loss, coping with divorce, developing friendships, and other important topics. I will also be available to the students for individual counseling. Participation in small groups and individual counseling will be limited due to the time constraints of class schedules.

Greystone Elementary School recognizes community service as an important part of our children’s awareness of others and the needs around them. At Greystone, "doing something kind for someone who is not in your family and doing it for free" is acknowledged as community service. Every child who completes a service project and turns in a form signed by his or her parent will be recognized at an assembly. Our purpose in recognizing students for their service is to motivate and inspire other students to get involved and make a difference. I will announce the deadline for community service forms—please adhere to that deadline as it allows me time to prepare for the assembly. As of now, assembly dates and times are to be determined. Community Service forms that are returned late will be recognized at the next assembly. Community Service forms are available outside of the Guidance classroom and in the following link:

Community Service Forms.docx

If you have any questions about our Guidance and Counseling program, or if there is anything I can do to help make this school year a productive one for your child, please feel free to call me at 205-439-3222 or email me at

Kristin Amos-White, M.Ed., NCC, ALC

School Counselor


November 19th - Mr. Larry here for 1st grade

November 20th - School Spelling Bee

November 21st - PTA Board Meeting - 10:00 am

November 25th - 29th - School Closed for Thanksgiving Holidays

December 2nd - Zoo here for PreK

December 2nd - HCS Equity and Educational Initiatives Community Meeting at Hoover High School - 7:00 - 8:30 pm

December 3rd - Moe's Spirit Night - 5:00 - 8:00 pm

December 5th - Miss Annie here for 1st and 2nd grades

December 10th - HCS School Board Meeting - 5:30 pm

December 12th - PTA Board Meeting - 11:00 location TBD

December 12th - Kindergarten Program - 6:00 pm

December 13th - Safety Patrol Bowling Party - 3:30 pm

Digital Citizenship Parenting Tip for November

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Our Greystone Motto

Learn - Lead - Leave a Legacy

Our Greystone Mission

As a school community, we empower learners, inspire leaders, and encourage all children to reach their potential.

Our Greystone Vision

Empowering a generation of learners and leaders to leave a legacy.

Greystone Elementary

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