Hippo Nation Human Capital Courant

Serve. Lead. Empower.

Volume XIV

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Mission Statement:

Hippo Nation inspires excellence in academics, character, and community!

Vision Statement:

Hutto ISD aspires to be the premier choice in education through innovation, leadership, and diversity.

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There will be FREE SWAG given to the first 100 participants; Join us to talk about VOTING; IT MATTERS!

Join us!


3-4 pm

Oct. 27, 2020

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Thank you to our amazing Business & Financial services department. Your time, efforts and dedication to serving is evident, and we appreciate you!

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Our Student Observers are amazing! We hope one day they will call #HippoNation their home as a full time educator, but for now we are blessed to have them observe and learn from our amazing staff!

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Recognizing Promotions and New Roles!

Have you been promoted since you joined Hippo Nation? We want to give you a Promotion Spotlight on social media!

Email me at lindsie.almquist@huttoisd.net if you or someone you know has been promoted! You/They deserve to be highlighted!

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ESC Region 13 Reading Specialist Certification Program

The ESC Region 13 Reading Specialist Certification Program application will open November 1, 2020. The below flyer will provide you with information regarding the new certification program. The Reading Specialist Program will be offered through live virtual sessions and online courses. We will be offering our first cohort starting May 1, 2021.

We would greatly appreciate you sharing this information with your district campus administrators to share out with staff who might be interested. More information can be found at our ESC Region 13 Certification page at https://www4.esc13.net/rscp/.

Thank you!

Dana M.Green, Ed.D.

Dana Green


Department of Educator Quality Programs

5701 Springdale Rd

Austin, Texas 78723

Work: 512-919-5434

Cell: 512-621-9544

Follow us on Twitter @Region13ECP

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Furthering your education? Submit this Google Form!



Bilingual Teacher Scholarship

Texas Teachers of Tomorrow is committed to helping talented individuals reach their dreams of having their own classroom. We are excited to announce we are offering full program scholarships for Bilingual Teacher Candidates! Apply today to make a difference in the lives of students across the state! We encourage you to forward this email to those deserving bilingual individuals in your district!

Deadline: October 31, 2020


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Director of Human Capital

What does this position do for Hippo Nation? Serve. Lead. Empower.

Extension 1077 in Hippo Nation connects you directly to me!

- Dr. Almquist (@servingkids)

Here is my bio!

*Your passion, attitude, and touch change eternity.*

What is "Human Capital?"

Human Capital is the people of Hippo Nation and all that each of you bring to enhance the work within this district. According to the Oxford Dictionary it is "the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country."

What is a "Courant?"

The word courant is an older word which means newspaper! This is our 2020 courant!

Courant also means running according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Hippos run. We run to ensure that our students are getting the very best that they deserve and need. We run to ensure that the spirit of the River Horse never dies. If you didn't know, River Horse means Hippo; It is the literal English translation of the Greek word Hippopotamus!

Our Courant will be composed of topics that relate to career pathways, growing us as individuals, and other topics that relate to the human capital component of our work.

Something that can help - An Emotional Planner

WeAreTeachers (2018) suggests using an "emotion planner" for you, your children, and/or your class. This is a great beginning of the day activity during Morning Meeting. See below for an example and if you need more information email me at lindsie.almquist@huttoisd.net and I can share the book Social Emotional Learning and the Brain by Marilee Sprenger for ideas to help you and/or your students thrive.

Although the below example is for a student, it's applicable for us.

Activity: Planning in person and virtual instruction

Emotion: Frustration, nervous, anxiety, scared

Strategy: set my calendar and ensure I section time for planning, ask to observe another teacher, pair up with another teacher at another campus to work on it together, eat well

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Protect your Dreams