C.E. King High School

From the Principal's Office!

The Dream

This month we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for his commitment to social justice and having the courage to dream of a better world for all. When he speaks of "the dream", I think of the opportunities we now have because of the sacrifices of our ancestors. So I asked myself a question that I want to now ask you. Whose dream are you living? Who is that person in your life that paved the way for you to be who you are? For me, it was my uncle Eugene McCall Jr. He was legally blind and the first person in our family to earn a 4 year degree. After graduating from Eastern Michigan University, he moved to Milwaukee to teach middle school for 24 years. In 2004, he earned his masters degree in Educational Leadership in hopes to become a principal. He would never get that chance due to his untimely death in 2007. Everyday I realize that I get to live his dream. It is very important that I take my role seriously not only for the children we serve, but for the many people that I owe to do the right thing. I hope that you take sometime to think about whose dream you are living. I believe that it encourages humility and help us to realize how blessed we are.

Have a great week KHS!

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1. Due to the 4 day work week, we will be on a different bell schedule. B - A- Straight 8 - Straight 8.

2. On Tuesday 1/19/2016; The Baylor College of Medicine will host two assemblies for seniors discussing the meningitis and HPV vaccinations. These assemblies will be separated by gender. The girls will be from 7:45 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. The boys will be from 8:55 a.m. - 9:55 a.m. Please listen for announcements to release students.

3. Please be sure you are visible when it counts! Encouraging students to go to class is the best way to avoid truancy and tardies. Everyone is responsible for school safety. Check for propped doors as you walk the building. If you notice something that compromises the safety of the campus, please involve an administrator.

4. Mr. Saeed and I will be off campus on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Please see an Academy Principal for administrative assistance.

5. Let's continue to check for dress code everyday. Please remember our "big 3"...shaving, sagging pants and revealing clothing!

6. Make sure your parking pass is visible. We are towing illegal vehicles and do not want to tow an employee's car. If you do not have a pass, please see Ms. Cantu for further instructions.

7. Remember, no hoverboards on campus at anytime. If you catch a student on a hoverboard, please notify the main office immediately.

8. This week, ISS will be full due to tardy sweeps and disciplinary consequences. Please be sure to send work for your students. Check the list each day from Coach Nunez or Ms. Reece.

9. Thanks so much for being on duty during SMART lunch. Keep it up! It is my expectation that everyone is where they are supposed to be. Remember, Engage in SMART lunch, it will make a difference.

10. Interventions are happening during SMART lunch. Continue to encourage your students to attend. Our mandatory interventions for Alg 1 and USH are in progress. Administrators will begin to speak with other departments about their intervention plans as we are closer to the testing season.

"Success Occurs when Opportunity Meets Preparation."