Red River Cart

Good for carrying your stuff during travel!

history about red river carts

In early 1800's the Metis, descendents of early white fur trades and native Cree or Ojibwe women, used these two-wheeled, all wood vehicles to carry home meat pemmican from their bi-annual buffalo hunts in eastern North Dakota


-good for traveling

-good for carrying luggage

-symbol of pride to the metis

-two big wheels to keep it from tipping over


-could brake

-made of wood

-things could fall out of the cart if the boards were not slipped under them


The Metis people pride themselves as the inventors of the red river cart that was a crucial means of transportation.

how did it impact North Dakota

It made transportation easy and lots were made until steam boats were invented, then the red river cart decreased.

importance to settling the west

The Red River Cart has become, like the fur trade sash, a passionate and powerful symbol of the metis nationhood in western Canada! It help them carry their stuff on where they where traveling.
Red River Carts