Stanisław Samostrzelnik Of Mogila

Stanislaw Samostrzelnik

Stanislaw Samostrzelnik

Born/Died: 1490-1541

Place Of Birth: Krakow, Poland

Living Place: Mogila, Poland

Education/Training: Cistercian Monk training, Danube school of painting influence

Life Style: He was a monk/clergyman, he was special and was awarded the right to live outside the monastery so he ended up getting hired by one of the owners of the town Szydłowiec. He lived a very simple life, painting and working for the church and the Szydłowiecki-a rich family that owned Szydłowiec.

Type of Art: Miniatures, Gothic, Lots of Prayer Books, decorative,

Patrons: Krzysztof Szydłowiecki- Owner of a town called Szydłowiec

Associated Isms: Humanism- All characters were individualized/Realism- Painting were very based in reality

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An Important Hour Book piece made for Bona Sforza, Queen Of Poland.

Created: 1527

Location: Oxford, Bodleian library

Attributes: Very detailed and beautiful piece

Description: The Hour Book of Queen Bona Sforza was a very detailed and beautiful piece detailing many psalms, verses, hymns, prayers, and more and illustrated by Samostrzelnik. This page in specific was a detailed piece with many people cluttering around one center lady. The detail on each individual is fantastic and the color choices add to the painting.

Ism: Humanism-Lots of focus on humans and all the individuals

Availability: Oxford, Bodleian library

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