Canada Separatist Problems

Since Canada got its independence in 1931 the french people of Quebec. Wanted to separate from Canada. They wanted only to be around French people and keep all immigrants out. They are making sure that only their religion is in the province of Quebec. The law makers were trying to get a vote to go trough so they can separate. The Federal Government is stepping in to keep them from becoming any extremist at anytime. Canada does not have a core culture they are made up of different cultures like the United States. they had started and before had a set language (French). After getting rid of the set language there was a time when a bunch of German, Italians, Greek, and Polish people started coming to Canada. The French people of Quebec still want separatism as of today and they feel really strong about it. Jean-Claude Sylvain Guay "The sovereignty of 1960 was very left wing and progressive. It was a dream of the Quebecer who wanted to take back their territory, economy, politics and culture. It was a youthful nationalism. Today, it’s a more mature independence; more economic, with a rhetoric more focused on rational and logical economic ideas. The people want to know if it is viable, they don’t care about the cultural sentiment as much. We are now thinking more liberally and neo-liberally." That is what he thinks is different about today's separatism and separatism in the 1900's.

Time line in which Canada Grew as a Country

1500's/1600's- England and France began colonizing the region. They brought European

diseases and warfare with them. They battled for control.

1689/1763- British and France colonist fought four wars in North America. Finally, British troops defeated the French in the battle of Quebec.

1763- France surrendered all of its empire in what is now Canada to Great Britain. The British allow French settlers to remain and to be able to do what they want.

1867- British created the Dominion of Canada

1931- Canada finally got it independents.

1974-French was made official language of Quebec. Then English shops and businesses started to leave Canada.

1995- now is the time when they wanted to start to break off.

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