Steve Diaz

Practice smore flyer

Lino DeeJay

Hall Of Fame - Script feat Will.I.Am (Lino Dj Funkymix) by Lino DeeJay

NFL FootBall

Super Bowl XLVII 2013: Ravens vs. 49ers Highlights

Football videos

College Football | Big Hits and Plays 2013 [HD]
2014-2015 college football pump up "Let's Go"


paragraph 1

My name is Steve Alejandro Diaz. I live in Liberal , KS. My favorite sport is NFL. My favorite team is The San Francisco 49ers.

paragraph 2

What I Like

1.) NFL

2.) Basketball

3.) Food

4.) My Best Friends

5.) Video Games

paragraph 3

I like school because I get to see my friends everyday and I get to hangout with them and their names are Jovanni , Gerardo , Gabe , Elian

Me and my family


Steve Diaz

Monday, Dec. 8th, 9pm

Plains, KS, United States

Plains, KS

My Birthday is this week and its on the season that we have snow and Christmas

Music , videos , fun