Augusto Pinochet

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1. A Profile of your leader

Augusto Pinochet wanted change for the economy when he became president, but what he did to cause the change was kill the people against the change. Augusto Pinochet was born in the Chilean city of Valparaiso, From his early years he aspired to a military career. Because of his small stature Pinochet was rejected twice by the National Military Academy but when he got into the Academy he graduated in 1973. President Salvador Allende promoted him to commander in chief. Pinochet got into power when he led a group that fought against President Allende and were victorious." Pinochet killed and tortured thousands of people to get into power and stay in power, also when his secret police were charged with human rights crimes he killed people and did what he could to free them"(Class Cards). During his regime Pinochet believed the they should have an economy that fought for power and say and at the time they had a socialist economy where it was the opposite of what he wanted. So instead of working as a whole to change he decided to torture and kill and torture all the socialists in the government to get his way. Augusto Pinochet was able to help the economy get better but the way he did it by killing thousands of people made him get looked at as a very bad person. Pinochet's look made him look very mean also because every day he would wear his military uniform.

Uncovering Pinochet's Secret Death Camps

2. Visual

This video explains the Secret Death Camps Pinochet created to get rid of the people who wanted him out of power and also the people who were running against him. The video also explains how they found out about the camps and how he was able to keep the secret for so long. His secret camps can be compared to the ideas of a dictator because a dictator will give no say to the people, and they will torture or kill anyone who goes against them by sending them to work camps and this is what Augusto did.

3. Creative Piece

Journal Entry

Dear Journal,

Today I had a meeting with my secretary of state to talk about any people trying to rebel against me and where they will be sent when they are captured. Then I went back to the government building to give a speech about plans on how we will improve the economy.

4. Essential Question

How does Pinochet's way of keeping control by killing people and torturing them in work camps compare to the way Hitler did so with concentration camps.

I believe it compares because like hitler he was against the type of government at the time he came in and once he gained more power and the type of government he wanted he would take out anyone who went against him by torturing them and sending them to camps to basically work till there death or until the could not work sufficiently enough so they'd be killed in gas chambers.