Technology Units

Abby LaRonge

Learn to type/Typing Web

Learn to type was a fun but stressful unit, if you would like to get good grades. Learn to type teaches you how to type, the correct way. This unit was one of the "however far you get, that is your grade." For the first quarter we started with the second course, you had to complete the first 6 lessons to earn a 3, but to get a 4 you needed to complete the whole course. However, if you got under 6 lessons had to be completed to get a 3 you got a 2. Then for the second quarter some people were further than others so e had to complete 6 lessons from where we ended before, to get a 3 you needed to complete 6 lessons, to get a 4 you needed to complete the whole course, if you didn't complete 6 lessons that would be a 2.

Career Locker

Career Locker guided us through our Haiku Deck, because we were finding out more about ourselves by taking quizzes, finding our dream job, and researching about many things. This unit helped us because we could learn more about our dream job, and learn more about how to reach your dream job, like what classes in college you will need to take, what fields in college you should major in, suggestions on what colleges to go to. Mrs. VandeBoogaard presented this unit to us, she is the one that will be up at the front of the classroom telling you what to do while you are in career locker. If this unit she teaches you how to find your dream job, and what college you want to go to. Career Locker gives you the prices of tuition of every college and gives you what your income for your dream job will be.

Haiku Deck

This unit was useful for yourself, because you would eventually find out more about yourself. Such as, what college we wanted to go to, what our dream jobs are, and even what fields we need to go through to reach our dream job. This unit was practically all about our future. For this presentation you needed to create 10 slides about, your dream job, why you want to be that, fun facts about your job, what your lifestyle will be like, what college you want to go to, etc. Then the class would present to the other students.


This unit gave us a lot of freedom. What I mean by that is you could do anything you wanted to do, we could be as creative as we wanted to be. In this unit you had to make a iTrailer in iMovie. The sky was the limit for this video, it could be a happy, sad, scary, or a funny trailer, it could range from your pet, to your favorite interest.

Explain Everything

For this unit you had to create a explain everything, on a math problem. Ms. Myers gave us the math problems, we had to chose one to explain how to complete the problem. There were many expectations for this video, where you couldn't just hand write everything, or just talk through the video.


Coding was interesting because you were basically on your own. For this unit, you needed to program the objects to do things. For example, there was a art stage, where you needed to use certain programs to get the artist to draw the figure. This assignment was another "however far you get, that is your grade" type grade.