Casper for Campus Techs

Tips & Tricks for Successful Campus Implementation

Casper Quick Reference

**Last Update: July 2016**

Casper Suite 9.92 – Current Version

Use the Option key to change the JSS when opening an application (i.e. Casper Remote)

Resources are available on the omni server share in a folder named Casper. It contains the QuickAdd packages for each campus and the latest version of the Casper Suite.

To connect on a mac use this address: smb://omnisvr101/install/Casper

To connect on windows use this address: \\omnisvr101\Install\Casper

JAMF Binary – JAMF command line tool

jamf version (Displays version and information about the jamf binary)

jamf help (Provides details about commands)

jamf help recon (Displays all parameters for the recon command)

sudo jamf recon (Run recon to update inventory in JSS)

sudo jamf manage (Enforces the entire management framework from JSS)

sudo jamf policy (Checks for policies on the JSS)

sudo jamf removeFramework (Removes components from client)

JSS Server URLs

Web Portal Address for Enrollment:

On the device you want enroll, open a browser and go to

Username: enroll

Password: enroll

The load balancer is the connection to the live production servers. All clients point to the load balancer. The web address for the load balancer is as follows:

The live production servers:

**The master server is JSS105. You should have no problems using this server.

JSS Inventory Collection

Inventory Check In – every hour

Inventory Update – Weekly

The JSS Sandbox is a place where you can test policies, etc. This is the test environment. Nothing inside the sandbox will indicate that you are in the sandbox. You will have to enroll clients in the sandbox before you can play in the sandbox.

Sample Inventory Advanced Searches