Fablehaven Keys to the Demon Prison

Jacob Kaminski


The theme of the book is pretty much if you do something bad, expect to pay the consequences


Kendra and Seth learn that their Granpa is a magical animal tamer. There is a prison that holds all the worst demons in the world. a man wants to open it, he has to get 5 artifacts to do so, and he takes kendra and seths parents. There is only one artifact left so Kendra, Seth and their gang go to get it. but the evil man (the sphinx) gets it first. The good people must travel all around the world to get alliances, weapons, and armour. finally they go to the prison and the gates open. the demon horde runs out and there is a giant fight. luckily Kendra kills the demon king and the world is saved.

The setting

The Sphinx want to open the demon prison so Kendra, Seth and about 100 to 150 allies go to a place called shoreless isle. It is the Bermuda Triangle. They all go there and wait, slowly the gaits open. the good knights ride in and die instantly. birds with flaming giant rocks fly over and kill a couple of the demons. the battle happens for a couple hours,until finally Kendra kills Gorgog the demon king with the sword Vasilis. the sphinx is taken to a prison and put into the quiet box. the quiet box is a magical holding cell that does not let you age, you are preserved. basiclly milllions of years in prison

Brandon Mull

Brandon Mull is an American writer who writes mostly fantasy. He has written multiple bestsellers. Brandon attended Mt. Diablo Elementary School in Clayton, California. He graduated from Brigham Young University. He worked as a comedian,patio installer, and even a chicken stacker. He is writing a new book series right now called the beyonders