Madden 16

A new way to play

What is Madden?

Madden is an ongoing football game series started in 1988 and has had one installment each year. Each year it boasts new roster changes and improved graphics and game mechanics.
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Not the same old Madden

This is not the same Madden we have seen in years past. It all starts with new catching mechanics introduced in this game. We also see better game graphics. From past years this game seems to have taken the biggest leap from last year to this year. You truly feel like you have become part of the game.
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Sports fan's dream

For years Madden has been one of the best selling games in the sports game industry. With the trailer, we see how Madden has really out done itself when it comes to rolling out the best in sports gaming.
Madden NFL 16 | Official E3 Gameplay Trailer | PS4, Xbox One

Why should I get Madden 16?

Madden 16 is the latest and greatest in the Madden franchise. It offers improvements on all aspects of the game, starting at the main menu. It brings that level of detail to all aspects of the game that reach as far as how the player reacts when he gets hit. Also new content and events are always taking place in the new Madden, something that the older Maddens don't offer anymore. Over all this game is the most up to date and interactive game on the market.
I know you want this game!

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