Types of Consciousness

By: Daniella Matuk 2nd pd

There are 3 Levels of Consciousness

  1. The first is called the Subconsciousness.
  • This deals with what dreams are made of. When we dream we are operating on the subconscious level of consciousnesses.
  • Our behaviors and actions come from every experience, thought, losses, or gains that occurs in one's life.
  • It is unrestricted by the demands of logic.
  • It has a flow of ideas.

2. The Second Type is Concious

  • This is when one receives guidance and has rational awareness that controls decisoin making.
  • this process of high affected by others.

The Third type if Superconscious

  • Sees everything as part of a whole
  • Problems and solutions are seen as one.
  • The solution is an outgrowth of the problem.
  • It does not need conscious reasoning.