Wish You Were Dead

Destiny Rodriguez

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Story Element

The book Wish You Were Dead takes place in Soundview during our present time. The main conflict of the story is a group of kids are disappearing. And the police don't know what to do because they really don't have a lead if the girl either was kidnapped or if she ran away. The book begins when a girl Lucy just disappears into thin air after her friends drop her off at home after a party.

Character Analysis

Three words that I could describe Madison is shy, scared, and determined. What motivates Madison is that she wants to know what really happened to her friends. She wants the cops to take action and try to find her friends because they aren't trying hard enough. The person who has been stalking her on the internet is the person who took her friends. In my opinion Madison is brave because most people when their friend/ friends get kidnapper or disappear they will be upset but they leave it alone but not Madison she is actually trying to find her friends. She is trying harder than the cops are. What I like about Madison is that she seems like a good and loyal friend to her friends.


The theme of the book Wish You Were Dead is to be extra precautious when you are out by yourself especially at night. Also be careful about your surroundings, and don't drink alcohol . Some examples are, that the kids are being kidnapped at night when they are by themselves. Don't drink because you can be intoxicated and if something happens when you are drunk you wont be able to protect yourself if something bad is happening to you. Be careful who you talk to because you don't know what they can be capable of especially on the internet you never know who you are talking to it can be a 40 year old man but you wont know because he told you that he was 17 years old. You should never be by yourself at night because that is the most common time children get kidnapped, even if it is just down the street, anything can happen at any time.


Teens can kind of relate to the story only if you know somebody who has been kidnapped.