Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd Grade Newsletter

December 8, 2014

Week 15

Wow! I can't believe it is almost time for our winter holiday break. This year is flying by so fast. We have a busy week ahead. Our field trip is tomorrow so make sure to send your child with a sack lunch and drink. If they have requested a sack lunch from the cafeteria, they can pick it up tomorrow before we head out. Please have your child wear their green Dodd shirt and bring a jacket because we will be outside during the trip. If you are a chaperon, there is a note in your child's planner with information about tomorrow. Don't forget to send items for our class activity on Wednesday. Please see your child's planner for the items they said they will bring.

Up Coming Events at Dodd

Tuesday - December 9th- 3rd grade field trip to Heritage Farms

Thursday - December 11th - 3rd grade musical @ 7:00 pm students arrive at 6:30.

Friday - December 12th- Dino Beat 3rd grade Musical 7:30 am - students arrive @7:15.

Friday - December 19th - Early Dismissal @ 12:30

Reading and Writing

This week students will read a fantasy story called Cook- A- Doodle -Do! They will work with the following word: masterpiece, ingredient, tradition, recipes, tasty, magnificent.

Our skill in the story will be compare and contrast in a Venn diagram, along with idioms, and generating questions as they read a story. Cook- A- Doodle -Do! is similar to the story Little Red Hen, but in this version, the story has a more specific recipe which goes along with our unit on procedures. This week, students will also read about the history of snowmen and then follow directions for making their own snowman. Our unit 4 A test will be next week, so please look over the unit 4 A vocabulary in your child's yellow folder. The terms will help them with understanding questions on the test.

In writing, students will write a letter to their parents or Santa telling them what they want for the holiday or just in general. They will support it with reasons why they deserve what they are asking for.

Social Studies

We are continuing with map skills this week. Students will use maps grids to locate a place on a map. They will also learn about Juan de Onate and Christopher Columbus they helped people in the past form communities. Student will also draw the state of Texas and locate both cardinal and intermediate directions on a map. The drawing will also include a compass rose to locate and tell directions of travel on a map. They will identify a few cities in Texas and state the capital of Texas.


Unit 15 focuses on digraphs and blends. These will include words with ch, ng, sh, th, tch, br, cl, fl, fr, scr, sp, spl, spr, st, str, and sw. Students will also need to know the homophones to, too, two, hair, hare. These are on their test and they need to include them in their spelling journal activity each week.