Noah's writing portfolio

by Noah Hopkins

how to build a minecrft helicopter chapter 1

you need stone for the bottom,a platform for to stand on, a body to perter you,2 propellers,1 for the top and 1 for the back,a cabin and a lever,red stone,glass,dispenser,arrows,bows,buttons,green,black wool,torches,doors,slabs

building it

  1. make two rows of five stone and five blocks apart.
  2. build two rows to connect the two bottom rows
  3. build the green wool for the boby so you can put the rest of the stofe on it.
  4. now you put the propeller,black wool on top of the body so now you put the slabs side ways
  5. now you can put on doors if not you can put on dispensers on it but don't forget LEVERS!!!!!!

why you shod play minecraft

have you herd of minecraft? i have! minecraft is a game that you can build,fight, play together,and explode stuff (blocks).

building continued...

on survival it is hard to build because you ether die or can't find the right block. most likely you mite die

mobs, continued... ^

mobs are the dead things like a zombie, skeleton, creeper, slime, wither skeleton, zombie pig min, the wither, or the endear dragon.

fighting this

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more mobs


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the ender dragon

the ender dragon is a black mob,it is a mob that is not in the minecraft world, it is in the end. picture below
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swords and more

one of the things to protect your stuff is swords and armor. there are 5 different swords.