Autism: respected or disrespected?

Everyone fits together like a puzzle piece

What is autism?

Autism is something you are born with. 1 in 68 American children are born with autism ("What is Autism?"). Not everyone can live on their own, it depends on what they are capable of doing. Autistic people can vary some can have motor skills or academic skills (about 40%) while others can't talk or walk (about 25%). They would have to live with someone ("What is Autism?"). Autistic kids, teens or adults can show their emotions in different ways. Some with show by flicking their fingers, flapping their hands or arms or spinning and/or jumping ("Autism Fact Sheet"). Everyone autistic person is different but they might share some of the same symptoms.

What effects do people with Autism have?

Most people with autism are very sensitive to things like light, noise, heat, touch,hearing, taste or smells ("Communicating and Interacting"). Think about being distracted by everything around you, that is what autism is like. It's hard for them to stay focus. It's like you are working on a really important test and you are working your hardest and you hear someone's pencil start tapping, someone is hitting your desk and someone is lightly humming. It's hard for you to focus that is what it's like to be autistic but probably much worse. Remember most autistic people are very sensitive to stuff.

Body Language and Social Skills

Body language can be important to understand people with autism. Most of the time people show their emotions with a smile or sometimes tears. Autistic people show their emotions with the movement of their arms or legs ("Communicating and Interacting"). Most autistic people don't show their emotions like that but that is not always the case. Autistic people are sorta strange to when it comes to their social skills. Some of them like to talk a lot and others would probably make grunts or sounds ("What is Autism? What Causes Autism?"). Most autistic people have it hard. They can't always understand people's feelings or they don't always like physical contact ("What is Autism? What Causes Autism?"). Most of their skills of speaking, it's different for other people. Some autistic people can speak like a lot, others don't speak at all. Sometimes people could repeat phrases or words that they hear ("What is autism? What Causes Autism?"). Not everyone is they same, everyone was created differently.

Are autistic people treated fairly?

What do you think when you hear autistic or autism? What I hear is helpless, different or happy all the time. What others think about autism is that they are "retarded" (Mastroiani). People will blame parents for the way an autistic are in public. any people in public and see a autistic child showing their emotions. Those people that see them and go straight into judgement. Autistic people are usually labeled. Some private schools that don't have the right teaching staff to support autistic teens so they usually end up not being able to take that autistic child or teen ("Autistic Excluded from Schools"). People aren't understanding that it is hard for someone with autism to fit in, people would usually end up standing in groups of people talking about someone with autism. Talking about them behind their backs and making fun of all the things that they did that day and what they did wrong. Everyone has flaws, don't be quick to judge them.