Post-Secondary Transition Planning - UPDATED 08-31-21

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TEA opportunities for TED's

We have 2 initiatives from TEA that each service center has been asked to share and recruit TED’s for. We have had these opportunities for a couple of school years and both committees have great opportunities for input and collaboration with other TED’s statewide and with TEA.

Please take a minute to review the information below on both options and let me know if you would be interesting in applying 😊 The application for both committees are located with the description. I would like to get at least two of you for each committee so please consider doing this and I will owe you a BIG favor!!!

Regional Student Advisory Committee (RSAC)

The Regional Student Advisory Committee (RSAC) is a group of self-determined young people who bring the student voice and perspective to our statewide work for transition planning. Their input will be used to improve resources created by the Student-Centered Transitions Network (SCTN).

To facilitate this committee, we need Educator Sponsors to assemble small groups of high school students to discuss and provide feedback on specific topics. Typically the Educator Sponsor is someone in the role of TED, 18+ teacher, or secondary special educator; however, anyone who is employed by a school district can apply to become an educator sponsor. The intent is for these RSAC groups to represent the diversity of each district (cultural, linguistic, and ability).

The educator sponsor agrees to schedule and facilitate 4 meetings per year (twice each semester), with agendas that vary in length between 1-2 hours. Agendas can be combined for fewer meetings. RSAC groups can meet virtually, in-person, or hybrid according to preference.

Applications must be submitted no later than Friday, September 3, 2021. Applicants will be notified by September 10, 2021.

RSAC Educator Sponsor Application

Community of Practice for Transition and Employment Designees (TED)

The Transition Employment Designee (TED) is considered the person responsible for transition services in the local education agency (LEA) or the Shared Services Arrangement (SSA). This course is open to two TEDs per Education Service Center. The purpose of this course is to provide a community for problem solving and mentoring to operationalize the TEDs in each LEA. This community of practice will create and review guidance and resources to better establish roles and responsibilities for the TEDs and to offer them more support. This community will also assist in updating and improving the training as required by statute. This Community of Practice will meet quarterly.

Please complete the application here, if you are interested. The deadline is Friday, September 3, 2021. Members will be notified by Friday, September 10, 2021.

For questions, contact


Transition and Employment Designee (TED) Guidelines

The Student-Centered Transitions Network has posted the Transition and Employment Designee Guidelines. This resource provides TEDs with information and tools to better understand their role. Included in this guide are frequently asked question, statutory requirements, information about interagency coordination, and specifics about the various TED responsibilities.

NEW!!! Transition & Employment Designee (TED) Guidelines Booklet

CHECK OUT this new guidelines booklet for the latest requirements to be a TED in your school district as well as training requirements.

Region 17 College Game Day

Please join us for a day geared towards helping you with your K-12 students as they explore college in early grades and transition into developing their path into post -secondary opportunities. This workshop will be useful to personnel in all grade levels, as post- secondary awareness and planning is most effective when it continues through the entire educational career.

Registration link:

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A New Guide for Parents

The SCTN's new resource, A Parent's Guide to Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE), is now available. This guide provides information, explanations, and resource links to assist parents with understanding what is meant by ECI/ECSE and what options are available to them.

This guide includes tips and information for parents on:

  • ECI/ECSE Eligibility;
  • What a Transition Conference looks like from ECI to Preschool
  • The evaluation process and;
  • What the Continuum of Services should look like

Keys to CCMR Success

During this session we will review the details of each CCMR indicator as they relate to school accountability. Guest speakers will be present to provide additional information specific to OnRamps, Dual Credit, TSIA 2.0 and ACT/SAT.

Presenters: Heather Blount & Scotta Knight

Registration link:

Indicator 14 Postschool Outcomes Survey

Parents and students served by special education who exited school in the 2019-2020 school year are asked to complete a survey this summer telling us about what they are doing now. Targeted youth and their parents may receive an email, text message, postcard, or paper survey. Email and text invitations will include a personalized survey link. Postcards will include a PIN number for the student or parent to enter at

Texas A&M University Work-Based Learning Project

The Work-Based Learning Project offers up to $10,000 and technical support for schools to create or improve existing work-based learning on their campus.

This is a multi-year initiative with no deadlines for submission. The review committee will score applications upon submission to determine whether the application meets the basic requirements.

Anyone interested can find the application document at:

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Elizabeth Archer

While our offices are closed, we are still working! All calls have been forwarded to my cell phone. Feel free to call and leave me a message or send an email. I am are happy to help however I can!