Prof and Com.

Left and right side of the brain comparison.

The left side.

These are some qualities people who are mostly left sided have:

- organized

- good at math (not so much geometry though)

- good with language

- book smart

- logic

- facts

- repetition

The right side.

Here are some characteristics about the right side of the brain.

- artistic

- imagination

- intuition

- emotions

- day dreaming

- melody of songs

- adventurous

In the images below you can clearly see the difference between the two sides of the brain.

So as you can see from the listing above you can estimate what side of your brain you use the most, are you good at math and organized? or do you prefer art and day dreaming? Think about it..

In class we took a test to see what side of the brain i use more, the left, or the right. when i added up my total i did not get a direct answer. I guess im that unique! Probably just calculated wrong.