Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

Sept. 26, 2014

We are learning...

What we will be learning....

Math: Students will be brushing up on number sense and addition strategies. The highlight this week will be subitizing (the ability to identify a quantity of items without counting), count on (starting at the larger number and counting on from there and not beginning at 1), and turnarounds (the addition facts of fact families). These foundation strategies will be beneficial when not only problem solving but when doing mental math.

Reading: This week we will focus on character analysis, plot and inferring through poetry. Students will analyze a strong character deeply by making their own FLAT and including evidence of their findings. Midweek we will look at two different stories and determine the plot; beginning, middle, and end as well as the problem and solution. After working with a couple of different books, students will compare the plots. Finally, students will infer through poetry using clues from the poem to guess the object described.

Writing: In our writing workshop. We will be working on real world purposes for writing. We will start fixing up our favorite pieces of writing to show off at our writing celebration. We will also be writing about “What makes a best friend?” as our weekly prompt. We will continue to stress capitalization, punctuation, and real writer’s write legibly.

Social Studies/Science: We will shifting our focus from social studies to science. Early in the week, we will be setting up our science notebook, learning the tools and safety procedures necessary for our science experiments. Midweek we will be conducting our first science experiment. Students will discover "What Scientist Do". We will simulate an oil spill and experiment ways to solve the problem using a variety of sorbents and dish soap.

The Baker family has some exciting news!! We will be expecting a little girl on March 27th. I already have an amazing teacher picked out for the end of the year! She is a very familiar face at Sommer! Don’t fret! I will be here for the majority of the school year, all of the essential areas have been taught by Spring Break. The last couple of months will be reviewing and preparing them for third.

If you have not signed up for a conference, please do so.

Book Orders

If you are interested in placing a Scholastic Book Order they are due September, 29th. If you are ordering online this is the information you will need:

click on "connect to your teacher"

enter class activation code: GRGW9

Orders will be delivered in class when they arrive

Math Super Stars

Math Super Stars kicks off Friday, September 26! Check out the link for more information!!

What is happening?

· Assembly is tomorrow, students will head to the classroom to drop their backpacks then go straight to the cafeteria....parents are welcome to attend too!

· Tomorrow is school spirit day!! I can't wait to see who has the MOST spirit!!

· Library is Monday, students should return their books from last week to check out two fresh new books!

· Homework due Monday, Sept. 29th and new homework will be assigned - check my website.

· In Thursday Folders you will find information on Fill the Boot. Please read to see how you can help our class meet our goal!

Wish List

Children’s Hardback Dictionary

We could also use more dry erase markers and ink pads for stamps.


Please check out eBackpack for electronic copies of flyers and handouts from the school and PTA!