Two's Company!

Edmodo & Google: Twice the Fun!


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Laura Kile

Who I am: I officially teach English IV and unofficially teach Google and GAFE at Coldspring-Oakhurst High School!

About my classes: C-OCISD has (just) gone Google! With our recent adoption of GAFE and implementation of Chromebook carts, my classes are powered by Google and managed and organized by Edmodo. The two work beautifully together and have helped me create an interactive, collaborative, online classroom that is almost completely paperless!

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Go Google: Hall and Oates

Ten Reasons Edmodo Rocks:

1. It Makes it Easy to Go Google: Sharing is Caring!

Shoutout to Kellie Lahey! @gottasectech

  • Link your Google Drive account to Edmodo
  • House EVERYTHING in your Edmodo Library & Shared Folders
  • Mantra: "Share and Submit"
  • The Power of Google: submit assignments once; updates automatically!
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2. There's an App for that...

Must have apps for kids and devices: Drive and Edmodo!

Beware: Quizzes not available currently with the app, turning in Google Docs can be tricky without linked accounts

3. Leave the Absent Minded Professor Behind: Organize your Life

  • Easy to share out and embed links to Google Docs, Forms, Presentations, EVERYTHING your class needs to run!
  • Post each day with class instructions, links to related materials--organized for you and your kids!
  • SCHEDULE posts, reminders, quizzes, etc.
  • Notifications Feature
  • Be paperless! Don't Make Copies...ever! [Google Templates, Make a Copy in Docs]

4. Grade on the Go; Stay in the Know!

  • Dropbox Organization
  • Grading: Comments and Buttons Feature
  • Link Google Doc Rubrics, screencast with voice, etc.
  • Rubrics: Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extension
  • Data Analysis and Time stamps
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5. Absent? Check Edmodo!

  • Promotes student accountability
  • Great archive of classroom online
  • Teacher Absence: post plans, chat with kids while away
Bueller Bueller Bueller

7. Give Quizzes, Get Data Analysis

  • Schedule start and stop times
  • Randomize questions feature
  • Statistics analysis
  • Insert pictures and links
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8. Revitalize your Class Discussions

  • Easy and familiar interface
  • Use small groups or whole class
  • Tip: have your students change their notification settings on these days so their phones don't blow up with emails and texts

9. Small Groups

Create small groups within your Edmodo groups for easy organization for projects, class discussions, etc.
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10. Everyone loves shiny things!

Utilize badges to reward student effort and accomplishment!
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Use Edmodo as a PLN and for resources!

Pro Tips:

  • Watch your Verbage! Avoid: "like Facebook for the classroom;" INSTEAD try: "our classroom online."
  • Edmodo doesn't love video; upload to Google Drive and submit link
  • Learn to manage two Gradebooks
  • Date your posts to help organize a full newsfeed

Give some feedback, y'all!

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