New Book Preview

(and eat some Christmas goodies too!)

Come check out our new books before the kids!

The library just got our first big order of books delivered yesterday! This is like Christmas morning for a librarian!! Ms. Maynard and I just finished unpacking and processing all of the books this afternoon and want you to come take a look at our newest items.

Please stop by the library Monday afternoon after dismissal to take a look at the new books and eat some goodies! I'll put them out for the students to check out starting Tuesday morning, but I wanted teachers to have first crack at them before they all scatter to the four corners of the school and beyond.

I still have more orders to place, so if there is something you want me to purchase, please let me know ASAP! I'll have request forms on Monday and I'll put some in your mailboxes as well.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday after dismissal!