All About Accounting

Career Fair

Job Description

Accounting consists of "Analyzing financial information and preparing financial reports to determine or maintain record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability, or other financial activities within an organization."


Bachelor's Degree: Obtained by taking a mix of business and accounting courses

Undergraduate Course Work: 120 credit hours; 54-60 hours of core accounting classes

Master's Degree: Allow accounting graduates to select a specific concentration or remain in the general accounting degree program.

Graduate Course Work: 30 credits; 21 of which should be related to advanced accounting studies

General: "a total of 150 semester credits from a college or university whose accreditation is accepted by the state"

Categories of Accounting

Annual Salary: $40,000-$63,000


Having a Master's Degree means you having the opportunity of obtaining a job much faster as well as higher pay.

Skills Needed

-Great with numbers

-A passion for detail

-Independent; works alone

-Good Communication Skills

-Computer Skills

-Higher Mathematics

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